Tinnitus - Understanding Your Point of Power

by Paul Tobey

When you understand where and when to concentrate your power of focus you can create just about anything in your life - including ridding yourself of tinnitus.

Time is an illusion. Einstein once said, “No matter how persistent the illusion of time, it is still and illusion.” Time is a trickster. The biggest trick that times plays on us is to make us believe that it’s real.

You see, the reasoning conditioned mind needs structure to base its conclusions or judgments on. Therefore it sees time as the flow between past and future events. It bases decisions about the future on past occurrences. However, when you understand that there is no past and no future and that all there is, is now. Then and only then do you have the power to choose and change your present reality.

If you don’t believe me that there isn’t a past or a future, try doing something tomorrow right now. Or, try doing something a week ago right now. Anything that has ever happened and ever will happen will happen in the now. Now is all we have and therefore we can only make decisions and take action now. Yet, unfortunately so few humans truly understand this simple universal truth.

How does knowing that we only have the now help us? It helps us because the now is our point of power. It helps us to know that if we can free ourselves from the past and stop worrying about the future then and only then do we have the power to take the right kind of action in the present moment.

Most people, including tinnitus sufferers, focus on what’s happened in the past. In other words, they play victim to tinnitus. By focusing on what’s happened to them in the past and blaming someone or something for their tinnitus, they literally have no power to fix it. Dwelling on past occurrences can only keep your mind focused on what it sees as past failures or mistakes. Then, it makes decisions based on those mistakes to leverage a better future.

The only problem with leveraging your future is that first of all that there isn’t one, there is only the now. And secondly, if you’re always looking to feel better in the future, once you’ve healed, then you’re missing your entire life due to the fact that now is all there is.

While this may make little sense the first time you hear it, I can assure you that what I say is correct and truthful. Again, if you don’t believe me then like I said before, try doing something tomorrow. You can’t.

If we truly understand that now is all we have then we can take positive steps toward changing our present reality. Focusing on the past and worrying about the future can only serve to keep you where you are at. This is insanity.

What should we be doing in the now? Once you focus all your energy in the present moment you will realize that all you can do is start to live. Life is not about struggle. It is about getting the things and situations you want without having to fight, resist, worry and force. In fact if you are fighting your present reality then you’re doing it wrong.

Choose people, situations and events that help you to see that life is good. All we truly want is to be happy. Yet, we can’t because the situations we want, such as no tinnitus, hasn’t happened yet. But, if you keep focusing on what you don’t have you will get more of the same. If you focus on the now and reach for the highest thought in the moment you will attract the life you’ve always wanted; a life without struggle, pain, worry, fear, doubt and most of all without tinnitus.

How do I know this to be true? My tinnitus was as bad as it can get. But, once I focused all my energy on my present reality everything changed for the better; my marriage, my bank account, my success and most of all my tinnitus. This is truly tinnitus free living.


Paul Tobey is a professional concert pianist and motivational speaker who has performed many seminars for ringing ears sufferers and is author of Tinnitus Free Living a Tinnitus Handbook Self Help Guide which helps people reduce their tinnitus volume. To download Paul's latest seminar please here - tinnitus treatment.

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