It’s Never Too Late to Rediscover the Musician Inside Of You

Do you recall the day you traded in your guitar for a job at the bank or gave up your piano lessons to become a doctor? Have you been thinking about rediscovering your musical roots as soon as your retirement kicks in? Are you still hoping that some day you’ll get to dust off your [...]

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The 10-24-7 Rule – Learning Piano Music The Easy Way

As a professional concert pianist I often have people ask me, "I'm in my 50's is it too late to learn piano?" Well, there is no simple answer to this question since everyone's capacity to learn and everyone's passion to learn is different. But, based on my experience it is never too late. However, it [...]

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Arizona State Music Teachers Association

Arizona State Music Teachers Association Please mark your calendars and plan to come and enjoy the 2008 ASMTA Conference to be held May 29-31, 2008 at the Grace Inn in Ahwatukee Arizona. MTNA 2009 Conference For more information visit the There will be classes and seminars on a wide range of topics and we [...]

Piano Seminar by Paul Tobey

A seminar on Piano Music & Improvisation by Paul Tobey.  To book Paul as your Keynote or to book your next Seminar contact info (at) Comments & Testimonials from Paul Tobey’s Seminar at ASMTA 2007   I truly enjoyed this session. Besides being very entertaining Paul Tobey opened new horizons for me.  Thank You, Natalya Thran, [...]

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Free Online Piano Lesson

Wanted -- Pianists Who Want to Succeed -- Download Your Free Online Piano Lesson Today You don't realize it yet, but in the next 2 minutes you're going to learn the secrets of playing great piano. Not average piano, great piano. Click here for your free online piano lesson. OK, just take a moment picture [...]

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