Playing the Piano Can Change Your Life!

Playing the Piano Can Change Your Life!

Playing the Piano Can Change Your Life!

Many people know that playing the piano is a lot of fun but did you know that it can also change your life for the better?

How can it do that?

Well, based on my experience after 40 years of playing the piano and having come into contact with thousands of aspiring pianists I can make the following statement; it works because of the energy of music!

The energy of music? What the heck is that?

Let’s start with the basic premise that everything is energy. Everything? Yes, everything! In fact the computer you’re looking at right now is made up of energy… so are your toughts and so is music.

It’s a scientific fact that everything is energy. Take the human body for example; it is made up of cells which; are made up of molecules; which are made up of atoms; which are made up of sub-atomic particles; protons, neutrons and electrons; all of which are pure energy.

Everything in the universe is made up of large groups of sub-atomic particles. The cool thing about that is that sound waves are also energy. And, the way the mind interprets sound waves is also energy. Therefore, music is energy.

Now, some energy is good for you, and some is bad. I’ll let you determine what is bad energy but I can tell you with 100% certainty that piano music and playing the piano is good energy. It is a combination of your own heart and mind energy intertwined with playing the piano that is really amazing food for the soul.

However, playing the piano can also be a problem! How? Well, when your intention is to prove yourself to you or to others you start to use music as a means of external gratification. That means you’ve associated your music with power over others. Then what happens is you develop large pockets of stress energy within you.

I was like this for a very long time. Because I made my living at playing the piano there was a lot of pressure on me to excel and to succeed. Not good. In fact, the pressure was so great, my body developed all kinds of ways to tell me that I was putting all my energy in the wrong place.

For example; I’ve had tendonitis in my wrists, fingers, arms and shoulders… 5 times. I also developed tinnitus; which is a loud ringing in the ears.

Then one day, I realized that the reason I kept developing all kinds of physical negative manifestations was because of focusing my energy in all the wrong places… in other words; I was playing the piano to; feed me and my family, impress others and prove to myself that I was a good player.

So, how did I overcome it?

I haven’t completely. Part of me still wants to prove to others that I’m actually good at playing the piano but; I don’t let those feelings control me anymore. I started finding others ways of focusing my energy such as; helping others learn that playing the piano is a great experience and also by learning that there are many other things that I love to do besides playing the piano.

For example; I love to golf and I love business. In fact, in the past 5 years I’ve created 3 new businesses; none of which have anything to do with playing the piano.

I’ve found many outlets for my energy and to me that is a great thing because now I get to play the piano without all the stress that comes with finding gigs and concerts to play. I still play concerts but I only do it when I’m invited. The business of music is now a thing of the past. Business comes to me and I don’t force it therefore; I have very little stress… at least when it comes to playing the piano.

Now, it is fun! It is still challenging but that’s also a good thing. The challenge for me is to be more musical and true to my own style rather that trying to always prove that I’m as good as the next guy.

I talk about these things in my advanced online piano lessons that it is more important how you use your energy than focusing on playing the right notes. Sure, playing the piano should sound good but it’s far more important how you focus your energy on music making you feel good rather than trying to prove that you can do it.

Your mind energy and heart energy when focused in the right direction can literally change and enhance your life for the better; even if you’re a beginner. Many people late in life want to learn how to play the piano. Yet, most people will never do it because they’re afraid that they can’t do it. That right there is why playing the piano can be a bad experience.

It’s not about whether or not your can do it; the question is; what kind of energy do you give to music and what does it give back!

To learn more about my approach to playing the piano have a look at my piano lesson package. It’s for advanced players but it will give you some idea about the energy that I’m talking about.

Keep playing great!

Paul Tobey