Piano Seminar by Paul Tobey

Piano Seminar by Paul Tobey

Piano Seminar by Paul Tobey

A seminar on Piano Music & Improvisation by Paul Tobey.  To book Paul as your Keynote or to book your next Seminar contact info (at) paultobey.com

Comments & Testimonials from Paul Tobey’s Seminar at ASMTA 2007

I truly enjoyed this session. Besides being very entertaining Paul Tobey opened new horizons for me.  Thank You, Natalya Thran, NCTM, Piano Instructor

Paul, you really inspired me, overcoming your tinnitus and seeing your energy for life & inspiring me to not listen to the “little voice”, but know what I want and going for it! Thanks! Celeste Innes, Piano Teacher, EAMTA

Very Motivational & Inspiring.  I learned a lot!! Uykari Lowrey, ASMTA

The Presentation was very informative & Inspiring.  I am so excited to try the 10-24-7 method and to introduce it to my students as well. Jennifer Stradling

You are absolutely AMAZING!  Hope you can come back soon!! Positive, exciting, inspiring.Janet Norman,Chair 2007, ASMTA Conference,Piano Teacher

Your presentation “Musicians and Hearing Disorders – How to Avoid it” workshop was outstanding!  Thank you for adding enjoyment and sparkle to our 78th Annual Conference! Ms. Carl. H. Bruning, Piano Teacher, Arizona State Music Teachers Assoc.

A really great motivational speaker! We were given a lot of food for thought.  It left me wanting to know more. Janice Holladay, ASMTA

Thank you for sharing all your magnificent talents! Terrific presentation! Rosmary Stelmach, Music Conference –Mesa, PMTABlame-Justify-Deny.  We blame you for ending your class but we know you cannot speak forever and deny you will ever NOT come back! Douglas Miller, Pianist/Teacher, Studio A

Your talk was wonderful & your playing beautiful.  Thank you for giving your time to us today.
 Ashley Bradford, President Elect, ASMTA

I know chords, and can do basic improve.  Want to learn in more depth.  Your theories on “laws of attraction” are so true.  Want to impart that kind of knowledge to students, especially one talented 6 year old grandson. Marjorie Gunnell, Treasurer, East Valley Music Teachers Assn.

Wow! That fun learning about the possibilities we hold for a full life!

Enjoyable, informative & inspirational.  Keep your purpose! Linda Stansbury

Fantastic!  I learned more in the past 90 minutes than I have in a long time.  Loved the focus on life and its influence on music & our lives beyond the 30 minute piano lesson.  Thank You!
 D’Net Layton, Piano Teacher, EVMTA

hank your for Inspiration, Humour and Fun Ede Yarten, AsMTA

Great Seminar!  Nice motivational concepts & enthusiasm.  Refreshing approach.  Would have like to hear more music.  A whole session on motivation & a different on improve. Lara Holt

I love the improvisational lesson.Demy Coiro

I learned so much about working on realizing what I want for life. Myong S. Kellar

Thanks for motivating us to reach for the stars! Ellen Sassano, ASMIA

Very inspirational – practical.  I want to go home and try the 5/4 improv myself! Paula Dahl, President, EVMTA

Thank you for your GREAT presentation offering REAL CHANGE for brightening every single person’s life! Suzy Jimerson-Overholt, 4th VP – Publications, ASMTA

Good audience interaction involvement: standing, hand raising.  Suggest: add one more technique to involve audience.  Repetition good “how you do anything… Cheryl Studr, Owner, Piano Studio

Very Entertaining and informative enjoyed the presentation. Gail Quackenbush, AS Music Teacher’s Ass.

You were great.  Unfortunately I missed the first part because of a meeting.  Any recordings of it?  Loved what I heard. Dorthy Dungan, President, ASMTA

Terrific seminar – fun, informative, inspiring!  And I loved your playing!  Many thanks!    –Peggy Rostron, DMA