Jazz Pianists Wanted for Cruise Ship

Jazz Pianists Wanted for Cruise Ship

Jazz Pianists Wanted for Cruise Ship

Jazz Pianist Wanted for Cruise Ship.

In my life BG (Before Google), I was a career jazz pianist.  In the early years of my career I worked on board cruise lines as a pianist/conductor/leader/ whatever role they needed me to play.

It was great pay at the time, and the gigs had its fringe benefits.  I worked for Pro Ship for years, and they did a great job.  I highly recommend them.  Thus, if you are looking to experience that type of thing in your career as a jazz pianist, then you might wish to look into this.

Things to be prepared for:

  • you must be a good team player,
  • not mind taking orders,
  • you must be capable of dealing with drama pretty well (let it drip off your shoulder),
  • you must have a great number of tunes in your repetoir,
  • you must read music very well,
  • be very well presented (groomed),
  • and be passport ready.
  • If you are fluent in jazz, blues, pop, and standards, you will have no problem on these type of gigs.

This type of gig is better suited for single entertainers, who don’t have lots of commitments back home.  If you are a generally nice person, easy going, relaxed, and not bloated in ego, this gig is generally very fun.

Be ready for the mandatory ship drills.  You have no choice, and they are a bit of a pain.  However, it’s a small “have to” on your way to your “want to’s”.  I toured much of the world, and have accumulated some of the best memories of my life. So go ahead… read below, Have fun. If you get the gig, let me know!


Hi Paul,

I hope this email find you well. My name is Carl Girard and I’m the new
Piano recruiter here at Proship Entertainment.

I’m a bass player that have over 15 years of experiences on ships. I
worked most of the cruise lines out there like Princess, Royal
Caribbean, Holland America, Regent Seven Sea Cruises,etc.

I need good pianists, do you have any students who are looking for work.

Looking forward to hear from you soon!


Carl Girard,
Entertainment Recruiter
Proship Entertainment Inc
980 Saint Antoine West
Montreal, QC Canada H3C 1A8
[email protected]
+1 (514) 485 8823   ext 240
+1 (888) 477 6744 ext 240
+1 (514) 485 2675 Fax