Piano Video Lesson First one Free

Piano Video Lesson First one Free

Piano Video Lesson First one Free

Your first downloadable video piano lesson is free!  I did alot of research online and checked out 2 dozen piano lesson offers out there. I suscribed under alias’, checked out their learning material, videos and selling propositions.  I checked out auto response systems, their shopping carts, how they sell, and target audiences.  90% of the stuff out there was for beginners.  Lots of UPSELL features in the money making sites! There is a large market for beginners (young & adult piano players). 

I checked out the camera angles, the production quality of the lessons, and the learning methods offered.  I literally found nothing I would want to learn from.  It just doesn’t exist online yet. 

I’m assuming there is a market out there for people like me.  I’m a pro, and I like to learn all the time.  I believe there is a market out there which is widely underserved for intermediate and professionals who want some serious training. I saw very little for intermediate to advanced piano players.  There was tons of “play by ear” stuff.  And some traditional learning material.  A couple of jazz piano sites.  But nothing for me!

As a pro, I know I want to learn more than just “technique”.  I want insight, widsom, and I want to get “in your head” of the pro I’m learning from…so to speak.

When I was a young professional, I had the thirst for knowledge.  I was a good pianist, but I wanted to be great.  So I went to someone great to learn.  I saved my money and travelled from Montreal to New York to learn from the great jazz pianist Kenny Barron.  Back then I was so broke (starving artist), that I could only afford one lesson.  So, you could imagine, the Canadian dollar was weak, and it was a big deal to afford the lesson $250 USD, the travel expenses and the time to go!

I met him in his studio.  He played like an angel (literally).  I asked him…”how did you do that, right there, what did you play?”.  He couldn’t answer me.  He didn’t know how to describe what he just did.  He must of felt my frustration, because here was a technical kid in front of him, full of information, and full of insecurities.  He looked at me as said “look kid, your a great player, you just have to learn to play from the heart.”

I didn’t get it.  I was so angry.  I was there to learn technique, (his technique) not to hear “play from the heart!”  It took me another 5 years to learn that lesson! Even though the RIGHT information was right in front of my nose, I missed it.  I wanted technique.  What he had was the wisdom to tell me what I needed.  I needed to get out of my head and into my heart.  I didn’t have the “ears” or “spiritual awareness” to really get what he was saying.  I was a young lion wanting to make my mark on the world.  I didn’t understand that the heart had anything to do with it. Had I heard it in the first place, it would have saved me some time, and a few heartaches.

You see, piano lessons are not just about technique.  It’s an important aspect.  I could teach technique because I myself love technique.  But a true master, understands that it takes more than a genius or a master technician to be a great piano player.  It takes a combination of mental, spiritual, physical and emotional awarness to become truly “great”.  I base my 10 lessons on these teachings. 

Your first piano lesson is free.  I use downloadable video piano lessons to coach and train you, because I find it most effective to communicate.  Yes, technique is important.  But I share with you the wisdom of many masters before me, Kenny being one of many.  In every lesson, I take 15 minutes to teach on the mental and spiritual lessons, and 20-35 minutes to teach technique.  One flows with the other.  It is impossible to teach one without the other.  That is why we have so many great technicians out there, many who will die undiscovered, unrewarded, unappreciated, and simply heartbroken.  There is much to learn! So let’s get on with it.

With a great film crew and a nice set, we filmed 10 online piano lessons in 3 days.  We are currently in the editing process, and are setting up the “store” back-end to support the students purchase options.  We are almost there! 🙂

Enjoy you free piano video lesson.  Coming soon! Sign up to recieve your first free piano lesson.

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