Piano Lesson Update | Online Piano Lessons

Piano Lesson Update | Online Piano Lessons

Piano Lesson Update | Online Piano Lessons

Piano Lesson Update: A few months ago I decided to start teaching online piano lessons. The reason I did this is because I simply started getting too many requests from people looking to take piano lessons. I felt guilty by saying I didn’t have the time and therefore I had to come up with a solution. 

Most online piano lessons are for beginners. In fact you’ll have to search seriously on the internet to find online courses for intermediate to advanced. That’s the group of performers I’m aiming at. Why? Well, first of all this is the group that sometimes finds it hard to find a competent piano teacher in their area. There are lots of pianists who would like to extend their abilities but just cannot find a good teacher anywhere near them. Also, this market as I mentioned is highly under serviced on the internet.

The piano lessons that I’ll be providing are 45mins to an hour of video instruction per piano lesson. This is not something that I can just throw together. Each piano lesson is a carefully prepared tutorial on how to master a specific skill. And, the filming of the lessons has to be professional. That is what’s taking the time. We have to have 3 video camers per shoot, lighting and sound. Then post production takes a lot of time to cut the film and compress it for digital delivery over the internet.

Where are we with this process? Well, I wish I could give an exact delivery date but I’m pushing for the end of May. We’ve had some problems getting a crew together at the same time and there has also been some cost overruns that need to be addressed.

Anyway, rest assured we will get the piano lessons ready and I’m sure that you’ll be very pleased with the end result.

Musicially yours,

Paul Tobey

PS: For more information about my upcoming online piano lessons please visit the piano lesson page.

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