2005 - Shining Star Tourism Award Nomination!

2004 -
5 Nominations
HMS Dofasco Awards

2004 - Winner of 2 HMS Dofasco Awards!
Pianist of the Year
and Jazz Album
of the Year

2001 JUNO Nomination for CD
"Street Culture"

2001 - IAJE Award
for Excellence
in Service of Jazz!

1998 - Finalist DuMaurier
Montreal Jazz Festival



Presenters Take Notice! If you're looking for just another piano show, think again!

"Paul Tobey's Playing Style and Showmanship Are In the One-Of-A-Kind
Domain Reserved For Top Professionals."

Linda Geary - Brantford Expositor Read More

Not since Liberace has a pianist captivated audiences like Paul Tobey. His music is sophisticated yet accessible. And, his stage presence is energetic, funny and infectious.

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What Are The Critics Saying
About Paul Tobey?

"One of Tobey's greatest gifts is his ability to improvise in the same league as J.S. Bach and come out sounding like an equal." Linda Geary, Brantford Expositor Read More


"There wasn't a soul in the audience who didn't come away thoroughly entertained." Harrie Currie, Kitchener Waterloo Record
Read More


"Tobey gets right inside a piece and shows us what it is made of." Murray Charters Brantford Expositor
Read More

"Frenzied Mob Right About New Christmas CD" Murray Charters Brantford Expositor
Read More

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"Creativity has been a constant companion for pianist Paul Tobey as he treks 800 kilometers across France and Spain in a spiritual journey that will culminate in a documentary film." Read More About - A Journey of a Lifetime - Brantford Expositor

"Tobey, meanwhile, managed to hike 25 kilometers daily, an 18 kilo pack strapped to his lanky frame. Needing room for a keyboard and laptop computer, his backpack contained just two shirts, one pair of pants - meaning that day's clothing had to be washed out each night by hand. Food was a challenge: Tobey suffers from tinnitus, and finds that bread, cheese and wine- all staples of a pilgrim's diet in spain - aggravate his hearing condition." Read More - Brantford Expositor

"Paul Tobey, Canadian jazz man - yep, he's got it. Tobey has a refreshingly unique approach to jazz piano...a lot of things coming together to gel into an individualist's style that gives this quartet recording Tobey's own distinctive voice. I don't know what kind of audience he has, but he deserves a huge one." Read More - The American Reporter

"Shut your eyes and you begin to feel you're at a stageside table listening to this wonderful quartet on stage. I have to wonder: if an artist comes out of the gate with a release this good, where can he go from here?" Read More Sound Bytes

"The CD represents the arrival of a mature artist with not only a performance capacity of the highest level, but also the compositional imagination for a varied repertoire. Through perseverance and an abundance of extroverted talent, Paul Tobey finally has revealed himself to a wide international audience to be an outstanding pianist and a group leader who individualistically honors the jazz tradition, even as he extends it." Read more All About Jazz

"Tobey is light and exceedingly quick at the keyboard his right hand's a real marvel." Read More - Globe and Mail

"Here is some gorgeous, straight ahead jazz in a swinging, contemporary framework that sounds fresh, bright, at time even compelling. Contemporary Jazz does not get any better!" Read More - Montreal Gazette

"Paul Tobey is one of the finest jazz pianists to come out of Canada! His new CD collection, Street Culture, is without doubt one of the most polished and technically perfect jazz piano outings to arrive in recent years, full of sensitive piano phrasings, harmonic inventions, and notes that never miss their target!" Read More JazzReview.com

"When jazz fans hear Oscar Peterson, Dave Brubeck or Bill Evans, they know immediately who's playing. In the next couple of years the same will be true for Paul Tobey, for he has everything it takes to join the legends." Read More - Kitchener Record

"...it came as no surprise to read that Tobey studied with Kenny Barron. I was also reminded of keyboard artists such as Cedar Walton, George Cables and Tommy Flanagan. Like Tobey, each combines prodigious harmonic/melodic and pianistic chops to make music that ins never merely pleasant and unfailingly rich and deep." Read More - Jazz Weekly

"The first thing you notice from the opening title track of Paul Tobey's CD Street Culture is - man. These guys can play fast." Read More - Ottawa Citizen

Pianist, composer Paul Tobey, judging from Street Culture, may well turn out to be the next distinctive jazz pianist to emerge from Canada...outstanding album!" Read More - CD NOW

"Tobey is a highly skilled pianist who keeps original ideas flowing..." Read More. - Jazz USA

"Tobey earned a jazz studies degree from Concordia University by developing an agile, lyrical piano style hinting at Bill Evans, Chick Corea and Herbie Hancock...(the CD) demonstrated an extraordinary blend of balance and ensemble texture as well as the leader's flair for original compositions." Read More - Toronto Star

"Tobey plays with absolute assurance throughout, in a manner that has its sources in the harmonic feel of the late Bill Evans and the Keyboard approach of a Chick Corea." Read More - Opus Magazine

Perhaps the most rewarding discovery is Tobey's brilliance a the piano. He has magic in his right hand, which is constantly inventing. Read More - Planet Jazz

"His virility and passion recall a young Dodo Marmaros, who routinely combined single notes with five and six note clusters that burst at the seams, at times sounding like an entire brass section." Read More - Pittsburgh Post

"Paul Tobey whipped through a virtuoso demonstration of fat melodic invention. With Oscar Peterson-like flourish, his self-assured trio shot through standards and a few originals and standards with accomplished control..." Read More - Japan Times

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Two Stories, One Impressive Gig - Globe and Mail

Music Fans Treated to a Marathon of Jazz - Edmonton Journal

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"Paul's creativity in making another song his own is really something to experience. I felt very blessed to have been present to see, hear, and feel, such great entertainment!" Gail Obediah

"The (Christmas) CD is fabulous! I had to miss the concert because I had already purchased tickets for the folk festival that was being held on the same date, so I was thrilled to be able to buy the CD. Some of my friends had attended the concert and they all raved about it; now, at least I have a part of it." Mary Gladwin

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