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"Paul Tobey; Bio "

Pianist, Composer, Filmmaker, Pilgrim, Motivational Speaker and Internet Entrepreneur Paul Tobey celebrates 25 years in the arts with a career that includes 7 CD's and 1 DVD, 2 documentaries, and a touring career that has spanned Canada, Europe, Middle East and Japan.

"A Virtuoso" - Japan Times

In early 2003, Paul took a break from the jazz industry and touring to return to his more classical routes. Wanting to explore new musical ideas, Paul undertook a composing
pilgrimage and walked 850 kilometres "On the Road to Santiago" across Northern Spain. It is the very same steps that both Michelangelo and the great Poet Dante walked prior to creating their masterworks.

"His right hand's a real marvel.” Globe and Mail

Following in their footsteps, Paul walked over the Pyrenees Mountains to the Shrine of St. James carrying a lightweight laptop and a lightweight keyboard in his backpack. Paul composed a body of work during his 8-week pilgrimage in Spain, which included 22 works including 7 for piano and Symphony influenced by classical, jazz, world and Spanish folk music. Some of these compositions are featured on his a Short Documentary entitled "The Brotherhood."

"He has everything to join the legends." - The Kitchener Record

Paul directed and edited "The Brotherhood" which features one of the world's most famous Monastery's, Santo Domingo de Silos. He was invited into the cloister to speak with Padre Ramon to talk about the life of a monk, music, and spirituality. Also famous for their Gregorian Chants, the Benedictine Monks have sold over 6 million albums world-wide. Paul's first documentary was purchased by "Inspiring Heart" a DVD club which specializes in the distribution of spiritual TV segments and films.

"An Outstanding Pianist!"
- All About Jazz

His 2004 DVD and CD release of "Live at the Sanderson" was awarded (5) five Dofasco Music Award nominations, and garnered (2) two Awards including Best Pianist of the Year.

. . . .

Born September 7, 1962 in Owen Sound, Ontario, Paul was raised in Brantford. Paul was classically trained, and during these early years he won numerous Kiwanis Music Awards. Paul graduated from Mohawk College in Hamilton, earning his honorary diploma in Jazz and by 21 years of age graduated with an honours degree in Fine Arts from Concordia University. Paul went on to pursue his studies with some of the world's musical elite including veteran jazz pianist Kenny Barron.

Paul's musical journey has been well documented with 7 recordings including; a trio session "Orpheus" (1994), an orchestra session with Tobey's heralded third album "Wayward" (1998), his Juno Nominated Quartet session "Street Culture" (2001) and a solo piano outing “Live at the Glenn Gould Theatre.” In 2004 he released “Live at the Sanderson” both on DVD and CD which garnered several nominations and awards. Earlier this month Paul and his band recorded his newest release "Paul Tobey's Christmas at the Piano" and is being launched for the first time Dec 9th, 2005!

Pilgrim Productions Inc. has just released a Collector's Edition of Paul’s best recordings entitled “Anthology” which includes 6 CD's + 1 DVD and a First Time Release of his Solo recording sessions Live at Glenn Gould Theatre.

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For more information about Paul Tobey, Touring Dates, Merchandise, or the movie about Paul's journey in Spain entitled "Oh Ye of Little Faith", visit

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"There wasn't a soul in the audience that didn't leave the theatre thoroughly entertained and spiritualy uplifted."
Harry Currie - Kitchener Waterloo Record

"Paul Tobey seems to have been born with skills and talents that
would take most of us many lifetimes to learn....His gift, is his ability to share that information in a profound and enlightening way making it accessible to all."
Laurie Barlin