Listen to Piano Music

Listen to Piano Music

Listen to Piano Music

Listen to  Piano Music new release by composer and pianist Paul Tobey!   Composed for piano jazz quartet and symphony, the Road to Santiago Suite makes its debut with the Brantford Symphony Orchestra on Sunday Feb. 18th at the Sanderson Center for the Performing Arts in the City of  Brantford.  The suite will be conducted by the masterful Daniel Warren at the baton.

The music features lush and hot spanish rhythms based in both classical and jazz traditions.  This Canadian composer has taken many untraditional liberties, placing a piano, bass, drummer and percussionist in front of the 44 piece orchestra. 

Suffice to say the composer wasn’t looking to please classical or jazz purists.  It’s obvious he was after the symbiotic energy that exists between the emotional state of a human being and the power of seductive sound. 

When asked Paul’s influences he sites classical music composer johann sebastian bach, and ludwig van beethoven, famous jazz composers chick corea, dave brubeck, and various great british and american film composers.  It’s not difficult to see how his influences seeped its way into this pleasing suite of music.

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