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Filmed on location during Paul Tobey's 850km pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostella, it is a revealing and heartwarming look into the life of a monk. Within the ancient walls of the monastery of Santo Domingo de Silos, Padre Ramon reveals insights into his life as part of the most famous Benedictine Order in history. The monks of Silos are known throughout the world for their Gregorian Chants and have sold over 6 million albums.

Enter the private world of the Brotherhood of Silos where no cameras have gone before. Join Paul and Padre Ramon as they take a walk around the holy cloister and share intimately about life, love, music and spirituality.

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Produced, Directed and Music Score by Paul Tobey
Director of Photography - Drew Dekker
Executive Producer - Nancy Houle
Filmed on location at Santo Domingo de Silo in Spain
Special thanks to the Monks of Santo Domingo de Silos

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