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If you've been waiting for the right time and just the right information to help you grow your business, then your wait is over. Our seminars are 100% guaranteed to bring you success in your field of expertise. From the moment you set foot in our seminars to the moment you leave you will be enrolled, engaged, entertained and you will learn exactly the information you need to bring you greater success!

Forget Theoretical Advice! Paul Tobey’s message come directly from the firing lines of the “real” world and is considered one of Canada’s freshest business and Internet marketing trainers.

Tobey can pinpoint the critical elements that make the real difference between success and failure and has used the exact same principles he teaches to build his own successful public speaking business, seminar business and internet marketing business.

"Great Energy! The entire teaching approach by Paul came from a foundation built on credibility, trust, honesty, emotion and experience. You will be recommended by me at every opportunity." Victor Rempel, "We Are Nework" Community Search Engine

"They loved him...who wouldn't? - Genuine, authentic, funny, and full of you have the date of his presentation workshop in the fall?" Louisa Nedkov BA RNCP CPT CPCC Women in a Home Office Network

"Paul was great! - one fun entertaining and high-energy hour" Wendy Abel, Publisher of "Brilliant" - Canada's Online Magazine for Women Entrepreneurs [email protected]

"Fabulous!" - Liz Taylor,, [email protected]

"I found Paul very entertaining, engaging, and insightful" Siobhan Saunders, The Virtual Alternative [email protected]

"What a treat - funny, entertaining, and I learned a Lot!" Cheron Long-Landes, Cheron Dearle Designs Inc. [email protected]

"Very helpful and informative. The 7 Steps about the "15 seconds" are sure to keep someone's attention! Loved it!" Tim Bisch Franchise Consultant, [email protected]

"The workshop style was really great. What I got out of it is that I knew very little and I need to learn a lot more! This seminar sets the course for a new business life. Fantastic Job!" Ludwig Stilling & Associates, [email protected]

"Had a great time and learned so much. Paul Tobey “Rocks”. This is the beginning of my super success, it is a clearer view of the journey I’m on." Jeremy Royce, Record Producer , Tyneside Studios

* Please Note: Each of Paul Tobey’s training sessions offers a highly energetic environment where you will learn to develop specific skills you can immediately benefit from and use for the rest of your life. The object of each program is to help business professionals identify their true goals and get results doing what they love! Each training encourages structured networking through entertaining interaction.

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