Franchise Opportunity Canada, which should you choose?

Franchise Opportunity Canada - Which One Should You Choose? Have you heard about the accountant that bought his first Wendy's franchise with no money down? Now he owns several. Smart guy. Or how about the guy that started his first Williams Coffee Shop out of Brantford? Now he's franchised several. Look into this one, it [...]

Review; Dragon Speech Recognition Software – 874 Words in Under 5 Minutes.

This blog post is 874 words and it took less than 5 minutes to create. Now that's worth exploring, don't you think? As a technology minded person I am constantly on the lookout for software that increases productivity and saves time. Imagine my excitement when I downloaded and started using Dragon speech recognition [...]

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Notice to Companies in Oakville

Oakville companies are responding to the ever-increasing demands of marketing in a competitive environment by seeking out higher-level marketing training. One such marketing course that is consistently ranking well is Paul Tobey's Marketing and Mastery course presented by Training Business Pros. In this two-day intensive training course you will learn how to leverage the power [...]

Forensic Accounting

I'm here with a room full of great people talking about internet marketing and we've chosen the keyword phrase "forensic accounting" to learn how to create content. According to Edward Nagel from Nagel + Associates,  who has kindly agreed to share the top 3 benefits of forensic accounting. 1. It serves to uncover the truth [...]

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National Women’s Show Toronto Review

National Women’s Show Toronto Review: by Nancy  Houle Are you considering purchasing a booth at the National Women’s Show? If you are, please read this review from the perspective of an exhibitor. The National Women’s Show in Toronto is “Trick or Treating” for adult women.  I’ve been a producer of tradeshows, and frequently purchase booths [...]

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Investment Planning Ontario

Hanging out with Andrew Sharp at TD Waterhouse Private Investment advice, talking about investment planning. Here are 3 key things that he wants you to know: You must have a retirement plan to make sure you don't outlive your money but, be smart about it. The right investment planning is all about proper diversification for [...]

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Dubli Scam

If you have not yet heard of Dubli you're not alone.  The brand name Dubli, while popular in Europe and Australia, has yet to make giant inroads in North America but, that is about to change in a big way! Dubli continues to gain market share for its unique “reverse bid” auction where you can [...]

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