Forensic Accounting

Forensic Accounting

Forensic Accounting

I’m here with a room full of great people talking about internet marketing and we’ve chosen the keyword phrase “forensic accounting” to learn how to create content.

According to Edward Nagel from Nagel + Associates,  who has kindly agreed to share the top 3 benefits of forensic accounting.

1. It serves to uncover the truth in fraudulent matters.  How? By peeling behind a trasaction to understand how fraud occurs.

2. It helps to trace misappropriated funds by using a combination of accounting, investigation and research.

3. It follows the money trail to help recover missing monies.

Thanks to Edward for sharing, everyone give Edward a big hand, thank you.

Paul Tobey

P.S. Thanks for learning this valuable lesson about keyword research, density and internet marketing best practices.  Have a great day.