Arts & Entertainment Cable Channel

Arts & Entertainment Cable Channel

Arts & Entertainment Cable Channel

As an indie arts content producer, I have 3 very good arts & entertainment based programming available for cable channels; 2 arts documentaries, and one 2 hour piano show.

I sold one of my docs “The Brotherhood”  as a one time 90 day licence to Inspiring Heart, a UK based DVD club back in 2004.  Filmed inside the sacred walls of Santo Domingo de Silos in Spain, I interviewed Padre Ramon, a Benedictine Monk (the order are famous for their Gregorian Chants, selling 7 million albums world-wide).

I was also offered a one year licence by Bravo for my Live at the Sanderson piano show, but I still have to find the time to fill out that Canadian Content paperwork!

I also have over 60 hours of amazing film from the Road to Santiago in Spain.  I edited a short documentary about my pilgrim’s journey while I composed music on the famous ancient route.  I’d like to make a feature from that someday.

You can either download programming samples of my work on my website at or you can see low resolution samples on google video:

Sample of Live at the Sanderson

Sample of Oh ye of Little Faith:

You can order these films online at

For other information please email info (at)