Paul Tobey helps established business adopt digital marketing solutions. He's also an author, speaker and jazz recording artist.

Piano Sheet Music by Paul Tobey. An eclectic mix of standards arranged for jazz piano enthusiasts.

Jazzmentl online advanced piano lessons for musicians who want a more professional approach to jazz and improvisation.

Tinnitus Free Living is a program that helps people learn to reduce the ringing and live a productive life.

Executive Marketing Consultant

First and foremost, Paul Tobey is an executive consultant to SME businesses. He specializes in advanced digital marketing strategies and keeps a small portfolio of established businesses across multiple industry verticals. Please visit his executive consulting services for more information.

Professional & Personal Development Trainer

Paul Tobey has trained thousands of people to achieve their own personal greatness. Whether training on digital marketing skills, how to scale a business, or how to adopt universal law to create results, Paul has been at the forefront of the training business for many years.  His current online training membership site is called That’s Ambitious.

Recording Artist & Jazz Master

Paul Tobey spent more of his early adult life as a touring recording artist.  Signed the Arkadia label, he toured many countries and recording 8 albums. He stopped touring in 2003 but still performs a few times a year.  His Jazzmentl program is his current music passion.  It’s for musicians who want a more professional approach to learning jazz and improvisation.

And More...

Paul Tobey is quite versatile and has many interests.  In addition to the above, he is also a keynote speaker, author, business owner, tinnitus expert, composer, arranger, boater, golfer, skier, father, husband and lover of life. For more information, simply google his name, no telling what you’ll learn from Google.