Want Tinnitus Relief? Do More of What You Love

Want Tinnitus Relief? Do More of What You Love

Want Tinnitus Relief? Do More of What You Love

A while back I talked about getting out and doing what you love in an effort to control the negative grip that tinnitus has on you. This works more than anything else you could do and here’s the reason why;When you are doing what you love you are in vibrational alignment with the natural flow of the universe. More specifically, by vibrating at a higher positive energy you become a magnate for all your desires to flow easily into your life.

I’m sure that you recognize that every thought we have has energy. And, because everything that we can see, feel, touch, taste and experience also has energy, by enjoying what you love you are naturally attracting good energy like a magnate.

What’s the perfect vibrational alignment? When you no longer feel uncomfortable about what you don’t have in your life, while feeling grateful for everyone and everything, you are in the perfect vibrational alignment to allow the steady fulfillment of every desire to come into your life.

That’s a powerful statement but very true. You see, you are never more happy and truly fulfilled than when you are doing what you love. Consider this; why is work considered work? When you don’t love what you’re doing.

The most successful people are the ones who have discovered how to love what they do and therefore they become powerful magnates for more success. If you get up and go to a job everyday just to pay the bills and you hate what you do, image how much of your day is spent spewing negative energy into the universe.

If you spend as much time as possible feeling good in the moment, while at work, rest and play then good things cannot not come into your life. It’s vibrationally incompatible for negativity to affect you when you are feeling good and on purpose.

The more you feel good, the less negativity can adversely affect you. Tinnitus is like this. I don’t know too many people, except me, that see tinnitus as a positive thing. Therefore, the less you spend focused on tinnitus by doing what you love, the less it will negatively affect your life. You may even learn, such as I have, to see tinnitus as a positive thing. Why? Because I’m never more sure about what I don’t want in my life than when tinnitus is bothering me.

So, I promptly pick myself up and get on with what I do love to do. I don’t wait. Even if I feel the slightest negative effects of tinnitus I change my thoughts quickly and efficiently onto something I do love. It works every time.

How can you do more of what you love and less of what you don’t? That’s the magic question. I of course know that everyone’s life is different and everyone has experienced a different version of tinnitus. But, if you are to rid yourself completely of tinnitus you must first understand that you cannot live in a negative space and attract good things into your life. The law of attraction knows nothing else. It will follow your thoughts and feelings and give you more of what you are focused on.

Everyone will experience “have toos” on the way to their “want toos.” But, remember this, even your “have toos” will seems a pleasure when your overall pupose and goal in life is to pursue the things you want most. When you are on the way to you true heart’s desire, a term that I’ve mentioned before, everything you’ve ever wanted will be on the way to you. And, you will be loving every minute of it.
Have a great day,

Paul Tobey

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