Tinnitus ~ Tinnitis ~ Tinnitus ~ Tinitus ~ Tinitis ~ Tintinitis ~ Tinnutis ~ Tinnutis ~ Tenitus ~ Tinitis

Tinnitus ~ Tinnitis ~ Tinnitus ~ Tinitus ~ Tinitis ~ Tintinitis ~ Tinnutis ~ Tinnutis ~ Tenitus ~ Tinitis

Tinnitus ~ Tinnitis ~ Tinnitus ~ Tinitus ~ Tinitis ~ Tintinitis ~ Tinnutis ~ Tinnutis ~ Tenitus ~ Tinitis

If you are here, it’s because you are hoping to find cures for tinnitus, or a treatment for ringing in the ears. I keep a pretty close eye on what’s new when it comes to “treatment for ringing in the ears” and I try to stay on top of the “tinnitus news” when it comes to “2006 tinnitus research”.

Whether you are searching for “sound therapy tinnitis”, or you wonder “does vitamin e help tinnitus”, or you are looking for “drugs that help tinnitus”, or you are looking to find any way to help you sleep due to lack of sleep because of Tinnitus, you have come to the right place.

If you wonder if “white noise therapy” or “white noise for sleeping” will help, you have to take it from an ex-chronic Tinnitus sufferer…I’ve looked long and hard for “tinnitus relief” and a “cure for ringing in the ears”. I too was in desperate search of that “miracle Tinnitus drug” and tried everything. Well almost everything!

There are many “causes for ringing ears” or “buzzing in ear”, and much “tinnitus research” is being done to help “Cure Tinnitus”. Yet a “treatment for tinnitus” or “help for tinnitus” sufferers can be an exhausting and depressing journey. I want to help you in your search, and make things a lot easier for you!

I too spent thousands of dollars on finding “tinnitus relief” and “tinnitus remedy” including thousands of dollars on “tinnitus retraining therapy” better known as “TRT” or “tinnitus maskers”. I suffered from chronic tinnitus and “hyperacusis” and depression. I tried “white noise therapy”. I joined a “tinnitus support group” to find “help with tinnitus” where I learned about all these so called “cures for tinnitus”.

Yet I was desperate and tried highly recommended “tinnitus home remedies”, a variety of herbal magic “medication for tinnitus” and a large menue of “treatments for tinitus”. I was so convinced that the “tinnitus cure” was outside of me, that I gave my money over to anyone who promised “drugs that help tinnitus” were going to help me and the miracle cure was only a phone call away. I even went as far as Japan to meet healers and get treatment! If I could, I’d find that magic man on the hill in India and pay my house, two cars and even my piano to get that cure!

I would have tried anything! I just read lately that some tinnitus sufferers are drinking urine as a potential cure! If I didn’t know what I know now, I certainly would have tried drinking urine as a therapy if there was a single chance it would work! I know people who tried “cognitive behavioral therapy for tinnitus”. I’ve read about “tinnitus research treatment Europe”. I’ve read about “sound therapy tinnitus” and all about “tinitus research”. I probably tried a good 50% of all the promised therapy and so called “herbal medicine for tinnitus” out there! And receipts to prove it!

Don’t get fooled by the bogus claims. Start where there is great information at the “American Tinnitus Association” website. There are wonderful people out there doing great work for “tinnitus research”. Your “tinnitus recovery” is a journey you must navigate with wisdom, and most of it will be on your own. Before you make choises about anti-depressants, herbal meds, maskers, urine therapy, or any kind of therapy, please do your due diligence and consult your doctors, consult the “American Tinnitus Association”, consult your local “tinnitus research” group, consult tinnitus resources, patients, and news. Ask plenty of questions! But start by asking YOURSELF the important questions.

For this very reason, I put together a one hour downloadable seminar you can listen to, so you get an idea of my tinnitus journey, what has helped me, and how I live a Full and Abundant Tinnitus Free life. I too was a chronic tinnitus sufferer, but I turned it around. So before you go looking for all the answers that exist outside of you, start looking for the obvious answers that are “inside” of you!

Wishing you a Tinnitus Free Life,

Paul Tobey

P.S. You have “buzzing in ears”, “ringing in ears”, “hyperacusis”, and you are seeking “tinnitus treatments”, please stay on top of “tinnitus news” like Tinnitus Today. Remember as of August 15 2006, there is no “cure for ringing ears” or “cure for Tinnitus”. Stop here for a second and think about what your Tinnitus is teaching you about yourself, and the type of things you must learn to improve your life situation. If you are not convinced that Tinnitus can improve you, your life situation, and everyone in your life, listen to the download.

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Paul Tobey is a concert pianist, composer and touring artist who has suffered from chronic tinnitus for over 7 years who found a path to recovery without medical intervention. He is also author of “A Practical Guide to Tinnitus Free Living”. For more information visit ==> Ringing In The Ears – Help For Ringing Ears
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