Tinnitus and the Angry Factor

Tinnitus and the Angry Factor

Tinnitus and the Angry Factor

I get a lot of email and posts to my tinnitus blog from people who don’t like my approach to tinnitus healing. They say things like, “tinnitus cannot be controlled by thought,” and “you should be ashamed of yourself for giving hope to people with tinnitus.”

Well, I must tell you that no matter how many complaints I get, I will not stop promoting what I know to be the most effective tinnitus treatment for many people. My approach is based on my own experience and has helped many more people than the ones who are angry and refuse to try it.

But, why do my teachings make people angry? Because when ego gets in the way there’s no way to reach those people. What is your ego? Your ego is your mind and your mind only knows one thing; the past. Therefore the mind searches its database for all past experiences and comes up with a reason why what I teach won’t work.

The problem is, the mind cannot think of an infinite number of ways that healing can happen. It can only think of a very finite number of ways and all of them are based on past experience.

You see, the mind wants to keep you safe. That’s its only job. And, by trying something new, such as my formula for tinnitus healing, that would require stepping outside its comfort zone and that to most people is very scary indeed.

So, when the mind gets scared, it also gets angry. Why? Because it has to prove that it is right. But, here’s my question to you; would you rather be right or would you rather get what you want? Being right, means mind driven reasoning based on the past. But, getting what you want on the other hand, means shutting your mind down and allowing only what you want to flow easily to you.

Fighting, resisting, planning against or even lashing out in anger will only make what you don’t want worse! You must understand this. Therefore, anyone who lashes out at me in anger is only hurting themselves. Why? Because they’re cutting themselves off from the one thing that could truly empower their lives; the positive flow of energy.

The simple act of letting me know that they don’t agree with me means they are cut off from learning and therefore dying emotionally and spiritually little by little. Every act of anger depletes your positive flow of energy and takes away your ability to get what you truly want.

It’s all about energy. And, when you use up what little you have fighting or resisting your present situation you have nothing left over to focus on creating what you truly want in life which is to be free from fear and worry. Tinnitus breeds fear and worry, but only if you allow it.

Simply do not allow this to happen. Do not allow yourself to get sucked into the drama and fear of the rest of the world. Live your life and do not concern yourself with the negative mind driven know-it-all advice from other people.

Here’s a good rule of thumb. Ask yourself this question when someone wants to give you their opinion or advice; “Does this person already have what I want?” If the answer is no, then you must resist the temptation to listen to them, no matter how hard that may be. This includes well meaning friends and family.

Therefore if you hear advice from someone who says, “positive thought and feeling cannot affect tinnitus volume,” ask yourself, “has this person healed their tinnitus?” If the answer is no, then do not under any circumstances listen to them. It’s just their ego talking and it’s saying, “I know best.” But that’s nonsense if they do not have what you want. That’s like taking financial advice from someone who’s broke.

Anyone who lashes out in anger, in an attempt to be right, cannot under any circumstances lead a completely happy and fulfilled life. Only when they wake up and realize that their resistance to what is, is keeping them stuck where they are. And, only then can they begin to heal the parts of themselves that is keeping them from getting what they truly want.

Here’s a link to read about this tinnitus treatment.