The Tinnitus Mind

The Tinnitus Mind

The Tinnitus Mind

There is no doubt that tinnitus is a growing problem and with iPods and deafening music being considered normal it’s no wonder. However, when someone gets tinnitus for the first time it’s not only devastating but for most people it’s next to impossible to cure.

Why is this? Well for starters, most people think that if they just focus on the problem long enough and hard enough that the cure will eventually present itself. Not so. In fact, this is a recipe for continued suffering. The vast majority of our society thinks that if you just create more rules or laws to combat wrong doing that the problem will get better. It will not. In fact the problems we have as a society will continue to grow unless we address the problems of the mind that created the problem in the first place.

You see, a problem like tinnitus cannot be fixed with the same mind that created it. That may seem like a strange comment because it’s misleading to think that someone actually chose to have tinnitus. Of course not. But, if you really analyze each situation, tinnitus does not happen by accident but, happens as a result of external forces like illness, loud noise exposure, a reaction to medication or any number of reasons. All of these are situations created by the mind.

If you use only your mind to fix a problem, you are severely limited because the mind only knows one thing; the past. Therefore it cannot even begin to consider the limitless possibilities available if all it knows is what’s happened based on it’s own experience. Not only that, the mind only knows survival. It focuses on survival and tries to fix problems that threaten it’s existence.

So what’s the alternative to using only the mind? By using heart energy, of course. You see, your heart knows what you want. The mind only knows what you don’t want. Have you ever heard the expression “he has his heart set on going to college,” or “she’s has her heart set on getting a new car.”

If you think about it, those things which you have your heart set on usually come true. Why is this? Because only your heart knows what you truly desire. And, nothing can get in the way of your heart’s desire. There is no obstacle big enough to keep you from or get in the way of what you really want.

That’s why it’s important to focus on what you truly desire with your heart instead of using your mind to fix your problems, including tinnitus. If you focus on you heart’s desire your mind cannot possibly compete with that kind of energy. Therefore your mind will eventually give up trying to focus on the tinnitus.

How can you speed up the healing process? There is only one way. Only by increasing the intensity of your heart energy by focusing on what you truly want and by detaching from the outcome can you get what you want and avoid what you don’t want. Detachment is the act of letting go and allowing that which you want to come easily into your life.

The mind is a control freak. If you allow situations, circumstances and people to keep you from being happy then your mind is controlling you. You are not in control, your mind is. Only when you change your attitude, behaviour and thoughts and focus on being happy in the moment can you truly get what you want. Any other attempts by the mind to fix any problem will be temporary at best.

Lasting happiness and a life free from tinnitus can only be achieved by being in control of the mind, focusing on being in the present moment and living life to the fullest by going after what it is you truly desire. Allowing your mind to focus on tinnitus day after day and at the same time expect a different result is ludicrous.

If you continue to focus on tinnitus you will suffer forever. Only when you allow the universal creative energy, or heart energy which resides within you, to blossom, only then can you get what you truly desire. You cannot get what you want by focusing on what you don’t want, it’s impossible.

Your heart knows what you want. Listen to it.

Paul Tobey is a professional motivational speaker who has performed many seminars for ringing ears sufferers and is author of Tinnitus Free Living a Tinnitus Handbook Self Help Guide which helps people reduce their tinnitus volume.