Tinnitus Handbook – A Self Help Guide

Tinnitus Handbook – A Self Help Guide

Tinnitus Handbook – A Self Help Guide

Do you need a self help recovery plan that will help your tinnitus to heal? As a tinnitus sufferer, I have authored a self help guide to recovery based on my own recovery. You will not find scientific evidence behind my findings because I am not a doctor and do not hold any kind of medical or scientific degree. My findings are based on my own experience after seven years of managing my own chronic Tinnitus.

While some people experience tinnitus with little to no discomfort, others experience tinnitus as an extremely painful invasive sound that affects their physical being as well as their emotional and spiritual lives. The tinnitus can cause lack of sleep, emotional distress, depression, lack of ability to concentrate, fear, anger, and other behavioural changes that will severely affect day to day life.

Like most of you who have tinnitus, I have in the past consulted doctors, shaman, healers, acupuncturists and even Shiatsu and Reiki masters. I’ve tried natural medicines, tinnitus maskers, hypnosis, tinnitus retraining therapy, ginko, and so on. After seeing very little results from these efforts and after doing hundreds of hours of research on the internet I finally came to the conclusion there was only one thing I could do. I decided to get pro active and take ownership of my own healing. Through a long and sometimes painful process I developed the following 4-step plan which had a dramatic effect on my tinnitus and my well-being.

Step 1 – Physical Healing

I went back to the gym and committed to an exercise plan. At the same time, I closely monitored my eating habits and I discovered through trial and error the foods to avoid and the foods that actually helped my tinnitus. I started drinking much larger amounts of water to eliminate as much of the bad toxins in my body as I could. I eliminated all alcohol, wheat products, salts, citrus fruits and milk products which drastically affected my tinnitus volume even as little as ten minutes after consumption. * Please consult your medical professional before making any changes to your diet.

Step 2 – Emotional Healing

I made a conscious choice to heal those parts of myself that felt victimized and harboured resentment, fear and anger. I began this process by reading self-help books, downloading online seminars, and learning from home. I eventually cured my depression by focusing on and learning everything I could about myself. I attended both personal and professional development seminars to help me through this self-evaluation process. It was the best thing I could have ever done because not only did it help my tinnitus but it made every other aspect of my life better.

Step 3 – Spiritual Healing

Before contracting tinnitus I didn’t really understand the connection between mind, body and soul. And, after exploring the relationship between them I discovered a close connection between spirituality and healing. Our belief systems control our reality. Change your beliefs and your reality will change around them. I have learned a greater understanding of my human experience with tinnitus. I feel that tinnitus was a real gift that pushed me down a quicker path to discovering the true meaning of existence.

Step 4 – Mental Healing

This is the logical mind. This is the little voice in your head that tells you what you can or cannot do. Through social conditioning, your mind dictates to you what your perceived limitations are. i.e. “I can’t cure my tinnitus because there is no cure for tinnitus.” Well, the fact is; many people have been cured from tinnitus. So, the fact that there is no proven cure does not mean that you cannot be cured. It’s just true in your own mind. Breaking down your preconditioned mental barriers can cause drastic positive changes not only in your tinnitus but in every aspect of your life.

Once you begin to understand and work at each of these four aspects of your life you will begin to see tremendous positive changes in your tinnitus and in your entire well-being.

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