Russ Loader – Scam by Russ & Katherine Loader Power of Place

Russ Loader – Scam by Russ & Katherine Loader Power of Place

Russ Loader – Scam by Russ & Katherine Loader Power of Place

Russ Loader & his wife Katherine may be selling you a scam – architect, feng shui, certified Power of Place, speaker, book launch.

Beware, if Mr. Russ Loader and his wife Katherine are attempting to sell you the Power of Place Newsletter and its assets, you may be getting yourself into a scam.

I was duped, and I want to help you avoid the same scam.

The week of Sept 7th, 2010, Russ Loader contacted me to offer to sell the assets regarding The Power of Place newsletter – which included all of the back issues, content, images, and the goodwill of the newsletter (list).   Russ expressed that this transaction was time sensitive, as that he was leaving for New York again to work on his new architect project.  He also told me he had other buyers in mind, like his good friend Bob Proctor.

Trying to meet his deadlines, and honoring the fact that he had a time sensitive offer on the table, I made a quick offer where it was understood that upon receiving the deposit, he would promptly send all files over. I sent $1500 deposit via email transfer, in good faith that he was a man of integrity. Upon him delivering the goods, the balance would be paid in full immediately.

As you will read below, the short of it is, Russ Loader frustrated the contract, and simply failed to deliver any of the content he promised. After being stalled and stalled,  I requested a refund.  It’s now March 1st, 2011 (7 months later) and despite my lawyer’s effort to collect, despite numerous phone calls, emails, etc, Russ Loader continues to promise he has a cheque for me, which never arrives.  His son even emailed us last week to say the cheque was there.

Series of Events:

On Sept 20th, Russ Loader send me a signed agreement.

On the 22nd, he clearly indicated that after he received the deposit he would begin transfer of the assets.  He acknowledges adding a refund clause, which allows me a refund if we are unhappy with the assets.

On Sept 23rd, Russ Loader acknowledges having received a deposit of $1500.00 and reassures us via email that he’s get everything together OVER THE WEEKEND and that we would receive it Monday (NOTE THAT HE ASSURES US THAT IT WOULD BE RECEIVED WITHIN A FEW DAYS).

On the 26th of Sept, Katherine Loader sends an email message saying Russ is down for a couple of days.

On the 27th of Sept, Katherine informs us that Russ Loader is hospitalized with the pneumonia.

On the 3rd of October, Katherine emails to tell us Russ is doing much better.

On the 11th of October, Katherine emails us she’s picking up Russ from the hospital.

On the 26th of October, Russ emails us saying he’s stuck in court going after a builder.  He NOW CLAIMS he sent us a link on “Thursday” to an on-line file that contains all of the info we want. WE DIDN’T RECEIVE ANY SUCH EMAILS – AND WE CHECKED EVERYTHING INCLUDING OUR SPAM BOXES.

On the 27th of October, Russ informs us he will call us.

On the same day he informs us court should be over, and he should re-email the link. HE FAILS TO, AND NOTHING ARRIVES.

On Nov 1st, he emails informing us he wins the court case, and “I promise to send you everything today”. HE FAILS TO AND NOTHING ARRIVES.

On Nov 2nd, he says he promises to have everything to us in 24 hours. HE FAILS TO AND NOTHING ARRIVES.

On Nov. 3rd, he says “the Monkey’s at Hayhouse removed everything from my server without telling me” .  The email goes on to offer details.  However, at this point we are confused.  Did he sell the same assets to Hayhouse? What is Hayhouse doing with this information?  I called him to ask, left a message. No response.

On Nov. 7th, I receive an email from Heather Fardy, who  identified herself as Mr. Loader’s web support person and notified me that she is confirming our email and plans to send us the information. SHE FAILS TO AND NOTHING ARRIVES

On Nov. 8th, I email her back confirming our email address and asking her how she wishes to proceed with file transfer.

Days of silence.

On Nov. 12, I leave a message to Mr. Russ Loader that our company wants a prompt refund because they have failed to deliver. We receive no acknowledgment.

On Nov 16th, I call Hayhouse Canada to see if there is anyone who could verify Russ Loader’s claims.  (THE CANADIAN REPS KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THIS).  I EMAIL AND CALL Russ Loader REQUESTING HE ISSUE  a refund, as he was not able to deliver the assets that were promised for this transaction.  I have left 2 phone messages requesting a refund.

Have I been scammed by Katherine and Russ Loader?

On Nov 17th, I finally receive an email communication from Mr. Russ Loader who now says ” I checked with my lawyer and there is no contractual date for delivery of my information to you, which I can have to you by tomorrow. I am just catching my flight back from NY. I am aware that it has been quite long with the whole matter. If you wish a refund, no problem, according to the contact, you can do so, and will have it within 90 days.” Russ Sent by Blackberry

What? (there was no 90 day clause in the contract, he made that up claiming it was an “industry standard”. )

Mr. Loader, fails to recognize, in legal terms, it’s called “frustration of contract”.  He is obliged to complete the transaction in “good faith”.

Between Nov 2010 and March 1st, we continued to make every effort to collect. We sent email reminders, phone calls, and even our lawyer sent him a nice reminder.  I have multiple emails from him indicating that he is intends to pay. Multiple promises he’s delivering money. It never comes.

Well, his own made-up 90 day deadline is well passed.  I’m not sure if Russ Loader is just broke, or just likes to defraud people, but you decide.  I’ve received absolutely nothing for my money.  He dangled a carrot in front of us, and I paid for it.  Snake Oil.

The real irony here is that Russ and Katherine Loader actually go around teaching people feng shui. If clearing for good energy is something important

you’d think they get this one figured out and just send me a cheque (they’ve been playing this one since Sept 2010, and it’s now March 1st 2011)

They are using my money like it was a interest free loan.  Credit cards charge 19.9% interest.

Do you think they’ll pay me interest on my money?

Do you think they’ll pay me at all, or was I scammed?

Russ Loader, to this date, has not delivered on any of his claims and/or promises. I wonder if their book publisher knows about this, or how many others he’s sold the “power of place” newsletter and assets to.

Nancy Houle, Vice-President

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