Public Speaking Training Seminar

Public Speaking Training Seminar

Public Speaking Training Seminar

Public Speaking Training Seminar on Nov 4 & 5 was truly a blessing and a personal best for me.  It was personally rewarding to teach Train the Trainer and a fantastic group to teach!  I had the opportunity to train veteran seminar speakers, one comedian, a couple of networking group leaders, a real estate agent, decorators, designers, and a couple of people from the health and wellness industry, a numbers man… amongst others. 

If you missed this training, the next one will be in March 07. Click Here for More Information! Public Speaking Training Seminar

The emails are still coming in, but here are a few comments on last weekend’s training:

“It was a great experience…you are AMAZING!’ –  Elana Carissimo

Thank you for enlightening information that will help with my presentation skills…thus allowing me to close more smoothly…resulting in a higher conversion rate” Doris Parreno,

Great Energy.  The entire teaching approach by Paul came from a foundation built on credability, trust, honest, emotion and experience.  I found it an incredible learning experience from a very unique and special human being with a very special talent.  I am looking forward to more experiences together in the near future.  You will be recommended by me at every opportunity!” Victor Rempel,

Thank You to all who attended!  Congrats to our students who recieved their Train the Trainer Certification!

It was a blessing, and I look forward to the next time!

Paul Tobey