Piano Sheet Music Not Free Cause it’s Pretty Darn Good!

Piano Sheet Music Not Free Cause it’s Pretty Darn Good!

Piano Sheet Music Not Free Cause it’s Pretty Darn Good!

Piano Sheet Music is a pretty hot selling item on the web!  However, finding what you want can be very frustrating.  I browsed and shopped for some free piano sheet music and found that it was tough finding what I wanted, and when I did, I found some pretty ratty charts. 

At the suggestion of my wife, I uploaded my charts three weeks ago.  I can’t believe the response to the piano sheet music and piano scores.  So, I’ve been going through my charts from my 20 year career and will be uploading all of my music, charts, scores etc throughout the year.  I’ve also have been getting request for my solo piano transciptions.  I’ll do it, but it’ll take some time for sure!

I’ll do two things:

1) I’ll put up all my piano music and jazz catalogue up.  This stuff will be for intermediate to advanced students.  This will include sheet music, music downloads and solo piano transciptions.

2) My son has been playing violin since the age of 4.  He’s completed Suzuki Violin Book One, but I found alot of problems with the recording.  The first is, it’s too fast for beginners to play along with.  Two, the transition between tunes doesn’t give a young student enough time to prepare.  I’m going to be offering a slower version of the public domain songs in the book.  I’ll play prettier piano accompaniment as well, which will make it more rewarding for the student.

So stay tuned for all the piano sheet music coming up in 2007. 

Oh yes, I need to mention I also got the best compliment this week! It was so cool, I thought I’d share it with you.  A fan wrote in and said:

You are awesome!
If you ever gets this way so down south, we do have people here that love good music, heck I would take a loan out and buy the place out to see you live!!
Best wishes,
Christine Peters
Memphis, TN

Christine, I promise when I get down south, you’ll get a complimentary ticket to my concert!

Thanks for the good energy,