Piano Music On Sale Now!

Piano Music On Sale Now!

Piano Music On Sale Now!

Piano music is what I do.  I’ve lead many different configurations of ensembles from solo piano to piano trio to big band.  Fortunately, my recordings catalogue that piano music journey. And, for the first time, I’m going to openly talk about my career thus far.

I have a new specially boxed set called “Anthology” which catalogues my musical career since 1994. My entire body of work is now bundled into one collection wich contains 6 CD’s and one DVD! It’s package is designed to make it easy for music collector’s to store.

You’ll get all of these CDs and one DVD…

In one complete collector’s package…

Here’s the story behind each product …

Disc 1 – Orpheus

Orpheus is my first album.  It’s piano trio album featuring some of my originals and a few “favorite jazz standards” such as Stolen Moments and Mr. PC . Guest Vocalist Jeff Simons (really great blues feel) appears on Miss Otis Regrets, and Blackjack. This was the album I recorded when I was hired to open the first jazz club in the United Arab Emirates in Dubai. The album also features bassist Steve Holy (now living a contemplative life in BC), and Jim Hillman on Drums (a multi-award winning drummer from Montreal) and Pierre Cote on guitar (a ripping jazz guitar player who I think went to Nashville to play the country scene). The album was recorded at Montreal Sound Studios and engineeered by Chris Mitchell. Only 500 units printed, and probably 450 of those units are floating around in the Middle East. Only a few would even exist in North America. In fact, I don’t even have a copy. I had to ask one of my fans, Rob Roy in the US (Vermont) to send me a copy of the CD cover!)

Disc 2- Wayward

My second album is great insight into my talent as an emerging artist. It’s what I call the latin phase of my career. As a young pianist, I was still looking for my own voice/sound. While the media was comparing me to a “Bill Evans” or an “Oscar Peterson”, I was more influenced by Chick Corea, Michel Camillo and Chucho Valdez during the late 1990’s. Hence, this would explain why I couldn’t decide what I wanted this album to be. Because, I didn’t have my own voice quite yet, and I didn’t really know who I was.  So, I put together many different configurations from a tenet to a trio, and just explored all sorts of rhythms and medley’s. I hired some of the finest players in Canada such as

Alex Dean – Tenor
John Johnson – Alto
John MacLeod & Sandy Barter on Trumpets
Terry Promane & Rob Somerville – Trombones
Roy Patterson – Guitar
Roberto Occhipinti- Bass
Mark McLean – Drums
& Armando Borg on Percussion.

It was recorded in 1998 at Lydian Sound I think. It was produced by award winning producer and pianist Andre White. Highlights for me include Armando’s crazy percussion, and Alex’s playing is outstanding. I remember these guys the most, because they were just really cool guys.  Roy Patterson would later send me an email ragging out on me.  I’m not sure whatever became of him! I continued to hire some of these players throughout my professional career.  Of note is John McLeod’s beautiful playing and Mark McLean on drums who went on to New York to make a name for himself stateside.

The album features all of my own compositions except for “Very Early” by Bill Evans. This album was my “coming out” album with the media. It garnered great reviews , and alot of gigs! Hence, it was partially responsible for being the springboard to my touring career, which would bring me to the US, Europe and Japan.

This album was produced as a result of a recording grant I recieved from the Foundation To Assist Canadian Talent on Records & was originally distributed by Fusion III (Montreal)


Disc 3 – Street Culture

This album was recorded with myself on Piano, Mike Murley on Tenor and Jim Vivian on Bass and the masterful Terry Clarke on drums. I had recieved a small government grant from Canada Council to do this album, and could only afford to pay 4 hours of studio time (and 4 hours of salary to the musicians). Therefore, each song was played only twice, and the album was completed in 4 hours. When we walked out of there, Terry looked at me and said “That’s a Juno Award Winner”.

Well, it was nominated for a Juno that year. Mike Murley who was on Tenor was on 4 other albums nominated for jazz Juno’s the same year, and his album brought home the Juno! What are the odds? 

The critics absolutely loved this album, and it was picked up by a New York record label called Arkadia Jazz. They discovered me in “The Hague” Netherlands.  They paid handsomely for the album rights. The album was distributed in 28 countries. I see it’s actively sold on EBAY for a big price. Used copies are affordable.

This album was recorded in 2000 at Reaction Studios in Toronto and Engineered by Ormond Jobin (Ormond closed his doors early 2006 in favour of the slopes in BC!). This was the first album I had confidence to produce with my own ears. I must admit my confidence shows up in my playing. I’m very proud of this album. It just was one of those sessions where everything goes right. You can’t explain it. The energy is symbiotic, and effortless playing happens.

This product is only available in the Paul Tobey Anthology

Disc 4 – Live at the Glenn Gould Theatre

This is my first solo album. It was originally recorded with the intent that Arkadia Jazz would buy the rights and put it in their catalogue.  But after 9/11 the company didn’t release anything new. So technically, the master recording is still sitting in their vaults. When I’m super famous, they’ll probably decide to take it out and claim ownership. But I’ve never been paid for the Master and they never released it.

This album was generously funded by Ontario Council for the Arts and was recorded at CBC studio’s in Toronto on the Glenn Gould piano. It was engineered by Todd Fraracci who is a very very sensitve engineer and that means – it’s a quality piano sound. This album features some of my personal favorite piano music such as Round Midnight, Old Folks, Lush Life and In Walked Bud, and features some new originals such as Quiet Now, New Blues, Icicle Lights and a Conversation with Ibach (I own a beautiful piano – a German make called Ibach). This album was recorded in 2001 and has yet to see retail outlets. For now, it’s only available in the Anthology.

This product is only available in the Paul Tobey Anthology

Disc 5 – Live at the Sanderson Centre

This is just about the time I decided to divorce the jazz industry and try to re-invent myself as a performer. Until then, I was limited to jazz audiences and touring the same venues over and over again. Don’t get me wrong, I had the great priviledge of performing some amazing venues, including headlining for some major Jazz Festivals like the Montreal Jazz Festival, Canadian Embassies, and loved the touring circuit, …but the jazz industry had its limitations in terms of the music marketplace.

Truth be told, I was having a hard time making a living as a jazz performer. It must of been synchrodestiny, because I met Bruce Davidsen. Bruce is a veteran producer who worked with Frank Mills (Music Box Dancer), Haygood Hardy (The Homecoming) and the popular Anne Murray amongst other Canadian Cultural Icons. Bruce volunteered his time to produce a live concert of mine at the beautiful Sanderson Centre for the Performing Arts. He mentored Nancy and I all throughout the production of the show.  It was a crash course on production.

He taught us performing techniques most artists take for granted. From when to bow, how to accept audience applause, how to time the standing Ovation to lighting, song selection and what not. This experience launched me into a whole different direction. The first time that night, I experienced a whole new performance dynamic. The theatre has a capacity of 1100 seats, and we were almost sold out! I used to have small jazz audiences, but now the market had opened up to a Piano Music audience.

The song selection featured popular piano music:

Beyond the Sea
Brubeck Medley (Take Five & Blue Rondo)
Music Box Dancer
Goldberg Variation
Here & Now (performed by the Brant County Youth Singers and Breanne Arrigo)
Hymn to Freedom (also performed by the BCYS & Breanne)
Got My Soul Hat On
I’ll Be Seeing You
Linus & Lucy
Nature Boy (performed by Lauren Roy)
Birdland (performed by the BCYS)
Thanks for the Memories (solo piano/ Encore)

The concert was professionally recorded live by Danny Greenspoon (an ex Canadian Broadcasting Corporation engineer who now operates The Audio Truck) in October 2003 in Brantford Ontario. The live recording was engineered by Firescape Recording. I had a professional film crew in that day, and the concert is also available on DVD under the title “The ReMaking of Paul Tobey”. The DVD contains some thoughts by Producer Bruce Davidsen, and some behind the scenes action. I’ll be offering some Free Music Clips Downloadble from this DVD for your viewing pleasure.

Both the CD & DVD features
Paul Tobey at Piano
Doug Romanow – Keybaords
Roy Styff – Alto & Flute
Russ Boswell – Bass
Gary Craig – Drums
Arcady Strings with Jennifer Hedican, Kenin McKay, Ian Carruthers and Lucy Anna Gaston
Breanne Arrigo
and the Brant County Youth Singers + solo of Lauren Roy

Disc 6 – Live at the Sanderson – DVD


Disc 7 – Christmas at the Piano

This was a very ambitious project for me. Why? It’s the first time I produced a CD without a Government grant. No grants, no sponsors, no financial cushion to springboard from. This was an emotional project for me. My mom was dying of Cancer, and time was running out. Both her and I shared a love for Christmas Music, and I wanted to put something together that would bring some comfort into her life during her long long stays in the hospital. I asked her in the hospital what her favorite song was and she didn’t know the name. So he hummed “Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring”. I quickly went into action, booked a venue, and self-produced both the concert and the Christmas CD. She was determined to get well enough to walk into my concert. She did. To everyone’s amazement. Besides my emotional attachment to this album because of my mother, musically speaking, it’s also my favorite album. I never listen to any of my albums once it’s gone to print. But this one, I keep in my car and Nancy and I have enjoyed it all year round. Adrian my son, goes to bed to it and spins it on his cd player every night. Maybe it just all reminds us of the comfort of being loved by mom. I don’t know. It’s just really beautiful piano music.

The reviews were fantastic. I sold over 300 CD’s the night of the concert. The newspaper called it a “Frenzied Mob”. It’s still one of the best selling products online. It features 46 minutes of your favorite christmas favorites:

Island Christmas (my original)
Little Drummer Boy
Carol of the Bells
O Christmas Tree (available as a free download here)
Children’s Christmas Medley (all the kid’s favorites)
The Christmas Song
Most Wonderful Time of the Year
Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring
Christmas Carol Medley
Angels We Have Heard on High

This was recorded Nov. 2005 at Phase One Audio Group Studios in Toronto featuring

Paul Tobey – Piano
Henry Heilig – Bass
Steve Heathcote – Drums
Dave Simpson – Percussion
Phil Gray – Keyboards
Dong Englert – Flute/Alto

. . . . .

This Special Collector’s Anthology Contains 6 CDs and 1 DVD in a Specially Packaged Boxed Set. Includes Juno Nominated “Street Culture” and “Live at the Glenn Gould Theatre”

The Market Price is $172.00 CAD. It’s now ON Sale for ONLY $97.00 CAD (a savings of 44%).
Click Here To Purchase Before They’re All Gone!

The Special Collector’s Edition was originally manufactured as a special item for a special concert/event I performed at last fall. Only 100 were printed for an exclusive audience. I sign each one upon your request. The next collection will be different and offer a combination of films and music + interviews and other Television specials that featured myself or my music. However, I have no idea when that will go to print, or for which audience. If you would like to dedicate the collection to someone, or would like me to sign it to a specific name, just send me an email, quote your order number, and I’ll make sure I take care of that for you. Email me at info (at) paultobey.com

Enjoy your Piano Music!