Paving Brantford Al’s Driveway Paving

Paving Brantford Al’s Driveway Paving

Paving Brantford Al’s Driveway Paving

Paving Brantford Al’s Driveway Paving

We are so happy with this paving company in Brantford, my wife wrote him a letter of gratitude!

To Al’s Driveway & Crew!,

Dear Al,

I have to tell you how happy and grateful I am to you right now! For two years I shopped around for the best driveway paving company.

I chose not to go with the cheapest quote, but go with my gut instinct on who the best “man” was for the job. There were guys that beat your price by a few hundred dollars, and guys that were significantly more expensive (up to $1000.00 more). Your quote was right down the middle, which made me think, perhaps yours was the most honest quote.

When you and your crew came to do the job, they were extremely kind and professional. Because of the large double driveway, you needed a huge amount of asphalt. When your load arrived cold and you had to send it back, and the new load was considerably better quality then the first load they gave you.

I was so disappointed when the driveway didn’t look uniform.

You could have easily walked away, or move on to your next job, but you came back within a couple of days, did your magic, and the driveway looks so amazing!

The driveway asphalt business is not always an honest business. But you made it your business to not only meet our expectations, but exceed them! I think Al, you are a man of integrity, and I value that.

I thank you so much for making my driveway spectacular!

My neighbors are in awe, and keep knocking on my door to tell me how great it looks! I invite you to put a sign next to it, and show it to any potential client that may want to see your fine work.

Thanks again Al, to you and your crew, for an OUTSTANDING job and for the gentle reminder that there are still contractors out there with 100% integrity!

Yours Truly,
Nancy Houle & Paul Tobey