New Years Resolution Ideas

New Years Resolution Ideas

New Years Resolution Ideas

New Year's Resolution IdeasStatistics have shown that although many of us take the time to create New Year’s Resolutions, statistics also show that the vast majority of us break them within the first month of January.

If you’re looking for good new year’s resolution ideas, here’s a system that I have used for the past 4 years that works extremely well and that I have used to create the things that I want to create in my life. Like any system, before you begin you must create the mindset that is open to a new system.

So, as long as your mind is open, here are the steps you need to follow.

Step #1: Set the bar high.  The reason why most people set the bar low is so that they are not disappointed with the outcome. Focus is everything.  And, when you focus on not being disappointed your focus is not where it should be which is; on getting what you want.

If you set the bar high and your result is somewhere in between where you started and the goal, then you win.

Step #2: Don’t promise yourself.  You have made promises to yourself before and have broken them and they generally don’t mean very much. You often say things to yourself such as; “oh well, I really didn’t expect to follow through anyway.”

Make a promise to someone that will be impacted by your failure instead. That way, you are able to hold yourself accountable to someone else.  It is a much stronger form of accountability.

Step #3: Make your new year’s resolution ideas measurable.  Try not to make them so airy fairy.  For example; something like world peace is nice but, how can you measure that this year?

Step #4: Give yourself a year time limit and also set up interim time limits.  For example: if you set yourself a goal for the year then make interim goals such as: 17 days, 90 days or even 6 months.  That way, each period you can measure your result and know how far you’ve come and then become enthusiastic about going to the next level.

Step #5: Write down your new year’s resolution ideas either on a piece of paper or computer file and retrieve what you’ve written either at your interim periods or at the end of the year so that you can see how well you’ve done.

There is a lot more energy and focus on something when you write it down.  It makes it more real and it makes it something that you can refer to.

Step #6: Be specific. Be crystal clear. When you make new year’s resolution ideas, don’t say, “my new years resolution is to lose weight.”  The question is: how much? When would you like to lose the weight by? How do you intend to lose the weight? Do you have a system in place?

Step #7: Find yourself a better “how to” guide to complete your goal than the one you’re currently using.  While it’s great to rely on our own knowledge and talents and experience, very often that isn’t enough to achieve the goals that you are setting for yourself.

Finding a better system means finding someone like a mentor, a coach or a training program. Find someone with experience who has already achieved the new year’s resolution ideas that you have set.

Step #8: The reason why most people don’t complete their goals is because they are not committed to them.  If you follow the first 7 steps and you do as directed you now set forth a new and deeper commitment for yourself.

Let’s face it, if you haven’t been able to achieve in the past what you want, then you’re going to need a better system.  The steps that are laid out in this article are part of system that I’ve use and thousands of others have used to get results and my highest recommendation is that you try it out.

So, being that this is January 2, 2011; what better way to write down one of my new year’s resolution ideas than to do it in this article.  So, here goes:

I resolve in 2011 to; finish, publish and distribute my new book entitled “Suggestology”, and have it become a best seller in North America in the business and marketing category.

I look forward to writing my next article, Jan 1, 2012 to see exactly how we can measure once again the effectiveness of this system.

I wish you all the best in 2011 and may your new year’s resolution ideas come to you easily and into the lives of all those who hold the same intentions as you.