My Million-Dollar Birthday Present

My Million-Dollar Birthday Present

My Million-Dollar Birthday Present

Today is an awesome day! I’m really excited about my birthday today, not because I managed to reach the ripe old 44 relatively unscathed, not because I have the most amazing plans for my birthday (which I don’t), not because good things always happen on my birthday…. but because I just received a million dollars for my birthday!

Now, just wait! Hold your horses! Stop the bus! Jam on the brakes! I didn’t actually get it yet… but, I received the next best thing. Which is, “the intention to receive one-million dollars.” Both the actual million-dollars and the intention of receiving a million-dollars are equally as real, it’s just a matter of how well I can hold my intention in tact to receive it.

Ok, let’s back up a minute shall we. Would you like to understand how this has happened and how it can happen to you?

Here’s what’s happened so far today. First, I woke up this morning with a rather heavy heart because of a huge business challenge which made itself known to me yesterday. Now I’m not sweating the small stuff here. This challenge could potentially impact my music career in a very negative way. I made the decision not to allow that to happen. It will work itself out. Still, the challenge is on the table and I can do very little but try to keep a positive outlook on it and do my best to focus on solutions rather than focus on the problem.

As I made my way out of bed to help my son off to school Nancy came down to help me and we started discussing that challenge right away. What are we going to do? How can we make this better? etc etc…. Then, as we’ve done many times before, we just said “it will work itself out, one way or another.” That must have permeated the universe somehow because I felt instantly better. And, when I feel better, I manifest.

Then as the laws of the universe took over, after driving my son to the bus stop, I opened my computer to a couple of very interesting emails. The first was an e-card birthday greeting from a good friend of mine Mary Ann. In her infinite wisdom she had carefully selected a flash e-card depicting a spiritual guru on top of a mountain singing “Happy Birthday To Me…”! As he’d blow out the candle, it would mysteriously light itself again! Now, I’m certainly not a guru, and I don’t think Mary Ann thinks of me as a guru (well, maybe a piano guru), but the image did remind me of a powerful lesson.

I took a snapshot of the e-card to show you…it’s freakin’ hilarious!

The lesson being: we create our own reality. I was reminded that I create reality through my thoughts, intentions, my choices and my emotions. I know that. The difference between creating the world I truly want and attracting conflict is generated by my thoughts. If I can control my mind to think only about what I do want then I can manifest everything I want.

So, after this email came the piece-de-resistance! I got an email from my affiliate manager in Australia, Tony. Truth be told I’ve never met Tony, at least not in person. We originally hooked up when we collaborated on a spiritual DVD project almost 2-3 years ago. We communicate through email, MSN and Skype. What a world of technological wonder we live in! We work together but have never met. His email was my million-dollar birthday present. You see, we’re working on a project right now that will help thousands and thousands of tinnitus sufferers worldwide. I developed a series of “how-to” books and audio recordings that will help chronic Tinnitus Sufferers. Why? Because I was so moved by other people’s suffering, I felt a huge responsibility to share what I have learned about my own chronic suffering Tinnitus. I now live a 100% tinnitus-free life and I want to share that knowledge with fellow tinnitus sufferers. If you want to read about those products go here “Tinnitus Free”

Tony is helping me to attract affiliates that will help distribute this information world-wide. Tony understands, like I do, that it’s our intention that will see the project manifest and grow to help people. That’s why he sent me today’s email, because the contents of that email will help us do just that. So, what was in that email? That’s the good part… it’s called the “Million Dollar Experiment.”

How does it work?

I’ve been able to manifest many things in my life just by creating the intention and allowing it to happen. So, why didn’t I manifest a million-dollars before? I never truly thought about it before. I’ve never been very materialistic and I viewed great wealth as a source of pain. Boy, was I wrong. Money can be a great thing in the hands of smart people. For example; I know that I can do a lot of good with a million dollars. Like what for example? Well, for starters I can create employment for others in the arts and further support the arts. It will allow me to make more “how-to” products which will help people create better lives. I can give more to charity and support more projects close to my heart. I can have more free time for myself and others etc etc.

Many people would say that rich people are greedy. I thought that too for 1/2 of my life. Hmmm, if you only have enough for yourself, how does that help anyone? Rich people, at least the ones I know, are great philanthropists. They’re also in large part much happier, because they don’t worry about money. Do you worry about money? I do. I have done that most of my life. That’s how I grew up, worrying about money. No more! Today, I was reminded that I create my reality. I set an authentic intention to create wealth in my life to help more people. How will this happen? When will it happen? Will it happen? I’ll let the universe figure that out. I’m detached from the when, where and the how. I’m open to this Experiment.

If you are interested in learning more about this “Million Dollar Experiment” , go here and read this amazing post “Million Dollar Experiment” which will lead to a second post, then to a third and finally the sign-up form. It’s absolutely free, no gimmicks! It will take you 15 minutes of your time to carefully read through the introduction. Take a look around his blog. There is a wealth of information to discover! Thanks to Tony! And thanks to Steve Pavlina for having the vision to experiment!

Happy birthday to me!

Paul Tobey