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Music Composer - Paul Tobey



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"The Road To Santiago Suite"
Premieres Feb 18, 2007!

The world premiere of "A Musical Journey Through Spain" with debut with the Brantford Symphony Orchestra will feature 9 of my own music compositions written during my pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago.

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A Musical Journey Through Spain

In 2004, I was awarded a Canada Council grant to compose new jazz works as I walked the ancient 850km pilgrimage along the famous Road to Santiago in Spain. During the subsequent 60 day journey in May and June of 2004, I composed 22 instrumental pieces for piano and various small ensemble configurations.

The compositions are distinctly melodic in nature and are all melodies which came to me during my journey. I would take time each and every day to enter the various themes and variations into my computer which I carried in my backpack. The suite will also contain many orchestral and rhythmic backgrounds which will provide a backdrop for my piano improvisations.

Much of the pilgrimage and the creative compositional process was captured on film as I had hired a videographer to document the entire journey. The documentary film is entitled “Oh Ye of Little Faith” and is still in production. As a result of working to get the film completed, I started attracting interest outside of my usual jazz circles. And, just recently I have been asked to perform this music with the Brantford Symphony Orchestra in February 07.

My intent is to perform this music first with the Brantford Symphony in order to perfect the arrangements. Then, I will be focusing on a Tour with orchestras in other Canadian cities.

“The Road to Santiago Suite” is an adventurous and entertaining musical journey of a composer's pilgrimage on an ancient journey that has been walked by thousands of pilgrims since the 6th century. The legendary road lays directly underneath the Milky Way in Northern Spain and is said to be carved along the earth's meridian line of creativity.

Many of the world's great artists have walked this Road. It is well documented that the great Poet Dante, and the master painter Michelangelo both walked this same road before creating their masterworks. This is a journey which begins in France and finishes in Santiago de Compostella. I walked an even longer version of the journey to the original historical destination of Finisterre (end of the earth); the furthest point west in Europe.

During my pilgrimage, I spawned some local folklore as news traveled from village to village of a musician from Canada who was performing in towns and cities along the route. As a result, many musicians and community leaders were eager to participate in the formation of various impromptu performances and discussions.

One of my most profound experiences was being invited inside scared walls of the famous monastery of the Benedictine Monks in Santo Domingo de Silos – the monks who have preserved the Gregorian Chants since the 11th Century. As a result, one of the movements of the suite will include Gregorian chant choral music.

This project will provide me with a great opportunity to explore a new artistic vision which includes bridging the gap between jazz and more traditional orchestral genres. The music will challenge audiences to think beyond the realm of classical confines and to explore a more contemporary vision as I journey with them on a musical pilgrimage of a lifetime.

This performance is also highly entertaining as I take audiences on a journey through Spain not only with music but with stories. My goal with all my audiences is to entertain!

For orchestras that are interested in this very unique programming and to hear digital samples of the music please contact me at the following email address;

pilgrim (at)

Presenters who are interested in attending the world premiere February 18th, 2007 will be given Complimentary Passes. To reserve your premium seating please contact me at the above email no later than Nov 30th, 2007. The Sanderson Centre for the Performing Arts is a Concert Hall that only seats 1,133 people. We are expecting to be sold out.

See you there!

Paul Tobey

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