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Michael Hepworth StreetSmartMarketer.Com

Michael Hepworth StreetSmartMarketer.Com

Michael Hepworth StreetSmartMarketer.Com sold his business to Paul Tobey back in November 2008.  Paul Tobey is CEO of Pilgrim Productions Inc, who also owns TrainingBusinessPros.Com. 

In a news release dated Nov 2008 Mr. Hepworth announces;

“I am very pleased to announce that StreetSmartMarketer has been acquired by Pilgrim Productions Inc. (PPI) with CEO, and marketing executive Paul Tobey at its helm.
StreetSmart Marketer will continue to deliver specialized marketing training, adding new programs including internet marketing training, public speaking training, and tailored support services for small and medium sized businesses.  
Pilgrim Productions Incorporated currently produces marketing events across North America, and manages a catalogue of training audios videos and copyright assets. You may already be familiar with Training Business Pros, one of the fastest growing training companies in North America.  Last year alone, Paul and his team trained over 6,000 companies in their specialized fields of marketing, internet marketing, training and public speaking. He is also CEO of “The Internet Marketing Cell of Canada” which is the first accountable internet marketing company in North America. 

I’ve been working with Paul for some time to transition the business into his capable hands.  He is a master marketer and an accredited certified trainer with specialization in StreetSmart Internet Marketing. In September 2008, more than 100 StreetSmartMarketers devoured Paul Tobey’s StreetSmart advice on internet marketing to rave reviews.  I couldn’t be more pleased about what some of you had to say:
You have plenty of new Marketing Tips that will continue to come your way!  If you haven’t already signed up to the StreetSmart Marketer newsletter or the  “Marketing Tips” magazine, do so now! Watch out for news on leading workshops and free seminars that StreetSmart Marketer will continue to produce. 
I will continue to vigorously support the growth and transition of StreetSmartMarketer in the upcoming months.  I wish to express my utmost confidence that StreetSmartMarketer, Paul Tobey, and Pilgrim Productions Incorporated will continue to help serve you with your continued success.

I have accepted the position of Chief Marketing Director of a growing alternative fuels business.  Though it was a difficult decision to make, I strongly believe in the benefits of alternative fuels and its wide reaching applications to empower the entire planet to a cleaner more efficient future.  With this said, I look forward to seeing you at our future StreetSmartMarketer events.”

Michael Hepworth http://www.streetsmartmarketer.com

I wish you continuing success,
Michael Hepworth
StreetSmart Marketer





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