Market Samurai Review

Market Samurai Review

Market Samurai Review

So, you’re wondering if it’s worth it to purchase Market Samurai?Market Samurai Review

I’m gonna say… “YES!” And, give it a huge 2 thumbs up!

Why?  Because of all the keyword research tools out there, and I’ve used ’em all, Market Samurai is by far the best and here are all the reasons why.

I wouldn’t be able to give a Market Samurai Review without first pointing out that keyword research is perhaps the most important thing you can do before building, updating or blogging on your website.

A website without traffic is like posting flyers in the rain forest. You do keyword research to tell you how many searches a keyword phrase gets and how much competition there is on Google and other search engines for that keyword phrase.

My websites rank for various keyword phrases, not just one, and Market Samurai helped me do that.

Reason #1: Market Samurai is easy to use and their video tutorials rock!  It’s a program that you download and install on your computer and it interfaces with Google’s synonym database.  The colorful results pages help you see exactly what you need to do to outrank your competition and it gives you just enough data, without overwhelming you, to accomplish any keyword task.

Reason #2: A Market Samurai Review wouldn’t be accurate without talking about the SEO competition results.  In most cases, the keyword phrases that you choose will have to rank better than the top 10 on Google.  Therefore, knowing exactly what you need to do to outrank them is key.  Market Samuari accomplishes this task by focusing not only on off site optimization but on site as well.  It gives you a very good snapshot of the top 10 and let’s you know where you can one-up the competition.

Reason #3: RESULTS!  I’ve been getting awesome results  on Google for not only long tail keyword phrases like “advanced piano lessons” or “Linus and Lucy sheet music” but also for short keyword phrases as well such as “business training” and “piano music”.  Knowing exactly what I need to do to rank is very important and Market Samurai does that for me.

Reason #4: Cost.  This software is inexpensive.  Last time I checked it was just under $100.  To me, it’s worth 10 times that much.  Imagine what one good keyword ranking on Google could do for your business.  It’s a no brainer.

This Market Samurai Review is based on using the software for almost a year.  In fact, I was likely one of the first people to download it. Like I said, I don’t post any content online without running it by Market Samurai first. Guessing my keyword phrases is not an option and not a good plan.

This Market Samurai Review includes a screen shot of the SEO Competition Analysis Page.

Market Samurai Review of SEO Competition Page
Market Samurai Review of SEO Competition Page

So, if you’re looking for an unbiased Market Samurai Review, there you have it.  I give it 5 Stars *****

Paul Tobey

P.S. Click here to get your copy of Market Samurai Today!

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