Mannatech Scam or Not to Scam

Mannatech Scam or Not to Scam

Mannatech Scam or Not to Scam

Mannatech Scam

That is the question!

If you are doing your due diligence and checking out the network marketing company Mannatech, in order to find out if you should join this company or not, you owe it to yourself to read this unbiased and refreshing article.

Did you know that there are 95 people a day that search for Mannatech Scam on Google? So, the fact that you may have done that and found this article proves it in part. It’s the number one search term that pops up in the Google drop down list once you’veMannatech Google keyed in “Mannatech” in the search box.

People are smart and have been conditioned to do their research. Anyone who is looking to join a network marketing company like Mannatech will inevitably do research on the company and usually Google is the first place they’ll look.  Since Mannatech Scam is at the top of the search drop down list, it’s easy for people to immediately find and read anything negative associated with this company.

Let me set the record before I continue.

“I am not a network marketer nor am I into MLM.”

I am a businessman and trainer who helps small to medium sized businesses and entrepreneurs like network marketers navigate the internet as a part of their overall marketing plan.  My motto is; “to ignore the internet at this time in history is to ignore the most effective and least costly Marketing Medium on the planet.”

So, as a marketer I can see, and likely you can to, that the scenario I’ve laid out above, could represent a significant problem for a company like Mannatech.  Why? Because most people tend to believe the negative stuff they read before they believe the good.  Wouldn’t you agree?

So, why is that? Perhaps a lifetime of programming the sub-conscious is the culprit?  I believe so.  Negative news and negative views are more prevalent in our society than you might be aware of. It’s a simple result of most people being focused on what they don’t want instead of what they do.

For example: Did you know that you found this article mainly because of SEO and Social Networking?  I had to learn how to do that. If more people learned how to make their lives better by engaging in the learning process instead of the bashing process, I wouldn’t have to write articles like this.

The issue I really want to discuss here is; just how much of a problem for Mannatech could this mean to their reputation?  Better yet, what does it mean to their bottom line. Well, after crunching some numbers, I’d figure about a minimum of $300,000 a month in lost product sales alone is at stake.  It would be significantly higher if you consider how many people turn away from working with Mannatech as a result of their negative online reputation.

For example: consider how many other associates would have had the opportunity to come into the company as a result of those that chose not to come in?  Network marketing is working in reverse in this situation where 1 person tells 2 people who then tells 2 people and so on. It’s a major online reputation management problem and one that is common in today’s content crazy internet world.

So, what is my experience with Mannatech and what do I think?  Well, after having spent the weekend at their annual event in Dallas, TX I can honestly say that this company has a lot going for it.

In the area of products alone, their glyconutrient based supplements have the potential to do a tremendous amount of good for health conscious people.

So, what about the company itself and its network marketing business structure?  Well, that too seems to be quite sound.  It employs many of the same strategies as other network marketing companies and like it or not, the numbers are clear; this year alone 65 million people will join a network marketing company.  Unbelievable, yes?  But true.

In my experience, it’s the associates that drive the success of any network marketing company.  And, after having spent the weekend with many of them I can tell you that Mannatech has a lot going for it because of these people.

Am I going to get involved?  No.  I can’t.

My company Training Business Pros stands to lose everything it has built by aligning itself with any network marketing company.

But, having said that, the people that I met were all amazing people.

What impressed me most about the people I met was their unwavering devotion to a company they believed in and a product they could rely on.  This is not fiction.  These are real people, leading real businesses and consuming real products that help them.

And inevitably, along comes a few disgruntled individuals who have axes to grind with either the technology or the business structure and write whatever they want in some online forum or blog.  Do these people know how much they are hurting others?

They may claim do it in the name of “justice” or a warped sense of “looking out for the welfare of others” but, everything they write is bad.  “Mannatech Scam” they say.  and “Mannatech Fraud”.

Who are these people and why do they feel the need to bring others down to prop themselves up?  This I will never understand.  If they just spent more time living a life of gratitude and abundance they might not have time to pull others down into their sorrowful pit of depression and anger.

Anyway, enough of that.  My thougths are this, “Mannatech Scam” is not even close to the experience that I have had as an unbiased observer.  I honestly would join the company if I could and that you can take to the bank.

So, why am I writing this?  What is my purpose?

Are you tired of people using online forums to rag on others who in my experience are great, kind, loving and caring people?  My intention is to encourage those of you who are among the 65 million people who will join a network marketing company this year, to take a serious look at Mannatech.  The real Mannatech.  Not the company who people without lives write about. But, the company that I saw and witnesses first hand.

By all means, do your research.  But, don’t stop after everything you read about Mannatech Scam.  Spend some time reading the supportive testimonials, the results, the profit you can make and the life you could live by following a business plan that works.  That’s the great thing about network marketing, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

As far as I can tell, everyone I met in Dallas that weekend had clear unwavering vision and world of opportunity at their feet.  Good luck to all of them on their journey!

Paul Tobey 🙂

P.S. Mannatech scam is largely the invention of Search Engine Marketers who knew the search habits of online searchers.  They know how to use the search term “Mannatech Scam” to optimize articles, optimize videos, and manipulate scam reports.  Don’t be fooled my the non-legit claims.