Making Money With the Internet

Making Money With the Internet

Making Money With the Internet


This is a continuation article in our series called ‘The Google Experiment’. If you want to read the series from the beginning, please click here.

Yesterday I came up with the goal; that goal being an Internet project which would take me 2.5 hours a week for three months, 90 days. In order to carry out any goal you will need a mechanism, part of which is this article.

It may be difficult for you to see how big a part this article is in the entire picture – I assure you, it’s big. But the ultimate goal, is of course; how to make money with the Internet.

I have always used a system, which includes Google’s organic search results to bring me targeted traffic, based on the content of the articles.

How I used my half an hour yesterday was to do some research on a keyword phrase that represented this article. I believe strongly that before you post any content online you should do your keyword research as well.

I use Market Samurai for the task because it gives me a very clear picture of any keyword phrase that I can think of, and a whole bunch that I cannot, on how many searches per day those keyword phrases get. Also, how much traffic you would get as a result of your searches, depending on where you are in the list of search results. It also gives me a very clear picture of my competition, on what they are doing, or what they are not doing to be currently ranked on Google.

I have heard many versions of keyword research; this software, that software, this strategy, that strategy. I talked to a lady in New York a few weeks ago who had paid $10,000 for an Internet Marketing course, and when I asked her what they were teaching her, she conveyed to me a strategy which did not make any sense to me whatsoever. I have of course only experience to draw upon and I can tell you, the strategy that she paid for will not work.

Market Samurai, on the other hand, is about as clear as you can get as a starting point for SEO. Everything online is trackable, and based on how we track and how we measure, Market Samurai gives us a very clear picture of how to create a positive outcome in terms of a search engine optimization.

The keyword phrase that was revealed by my Market Samurai research is; ‘Making Money with the Internet’, which is fascinating when you think about it.

Why? Because, Market Samurai showed me that the keyword phrase ‘Making Money with the Internet’—which is basically a long tail five-word keyword phrase would get 2,278 unique click throughs if this blog post was ranked #1 on Look at this screen shot of the results from the Market Samurai.

Making Money with the InternetWhy is that amazing? Because, I can tell you, I would have never come up with that keyword phrase on my own or by asking friends. Even if I accidentally stumbled upon this keyword phrase, I never would have guessed that it gets that much traffic.

And, while that information is extremely powerful as a starting point there are other metrics to consider such as; whether it is a phrase to broad match, how much completion does it have in terms of the number of websites that appear on the search results pages and many other ways to refine the value of a keyword phrase.

While other SEO people are telling you to qualify the keyword phrase in terms of whether or not it has 300,000 competing websites or less, I only want to be on the front page. Being number one is where the most traffic comes from.

You are probably saying to yourself: ‘there must be some pretty heavy competition on the front page’, and there is. But Market Samurai tells me how well the top 10 are currently doing and whether they are ranking by design or by default.

In this case, Market Samurai is telling me they are somewhat ranking by default, because none of them in the top ten have used that keyword phrase, not one time, neither in their website and certainly not in the most important places that Google looks for it.

Google comes to your website and seeks out information and gives your web page ranking based upon information that it finds. Here is a situation where the top ten website on have not used a system to be found by the way that Google searches.

Therefore, that keyword phrase ‘Making Money with the Internet’ is the main keyword phrase of this article. I repeated it a few times, but I also placed it in very strategic places, and this very blog article will soon be the only one in the top ten that has actually followed the contextual rules.

In addition to on site optimization rules and where you place your keyword phrase there is another layer of optimization that must occur offsite. That method is called link popularity; a voting system used by Google’s algorithm to verify the authenticty and popularity of your content.

In my next article, I am going to reveal exactly what Google is looking for off site. And, in addition to keyword phrase, ‘Making Money with the Internet’, I will choose another keyword phrase which will be the standard by which this entire Google experiment will be measured.

Google loves content! Yes, but in my next article, I will talk about how it really qualifies content based on what it finds outside of your site and how it finds its way to you.

I will also reveal how you can participate in this experiment and get your own results. And, I’ll even up the ante by giving you something to get seriously motivated about; enter to win.

Paul Tobey

P.S. In you’re interested in making money with the internet, I suggest you go back and read this series from the beginning. You’ll need to know each and every step if you’re ever going to get there.

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