Ladd Mcnamara, Usana, and…

Ladd Mcnamara, Usana, and…

Ladd Mcnamara, Usana, and…

Ladd Mcnamara, Usana and …

Reporting on Network Marketing companies is simply not enough.  That’s like selling you the banana peel without the banana.  You have to talk about the people within the organizations. That’s what makes the good juice when deciding on what “leader” to choose.

I met Dr. Ladd Mcnamara in California at a Champions celebration hosted by Brian Klemmer, best selling author and one of the best trainer’s I personally know.  Ladd Mcnamara was one of the select few being honored at a celebration of “Champions”.

I rarely speak of my lovely wife Nancy in these blogs, but it was  Nancy who intuitively engaged Ladd in a conversation, and later whispered in my ear that she had invited Ladd to participate in one of our leader’s workshops in Toronto called Train the Trainer

I had the privilege to train Ladd Mcnamara and my family had some quality one-on-one time to spend with him.

We attended several functions, and we witnessed Ladd McNamara’s “rock-star” status.  Even in Toronto, people felt a great need to shake his hand, ask for autographs, and speak with him.  Dr. McNamara, often embarrassed by the intrusions, was graceful, humble and often surprised by the attention.

I guess, in the world of Usana, as it turns out, he is a rock-star.  With a effortless ability to speak, and a passion for health and wellness, it’s obvious to anyone that he’s doing his real soul work.  Despite a difficult swing during a Usana corporate “shakedown”  Ladd Mcnamara could have been considered corporate “collateral damage”.

Lesser men would have accepted their fate .  Not Ladd. Being the collateral damage was not acceptable.

Dr. Ladd McNamara continues to endorse a product he is deeply committed to and believes in.  He teaches total wellness without the need to be at the mercy of large pharmaceuticals.  I guess if your that public about it, you’ll get yourself in the line of fire at some point.

I’m not a network marketer.  However, I’ve trained my fair share of leaders and I’ve been hanging around a few network marketing companies.

I have observed the following qualities in Top Network Marketing Leaders:

  • The Top Leaders are deeply committed to the products they represent.  They truly believe in the product, and their loyalty is to the product, not necessarily to the corporation.  This is a good thing! Look for these folks when you choose a leader to be under.
  • The Top Leaders are highly networked with other top leaders.  They create alliances and keep lines of communications open at all times.  They don’t act from lack, competition or fear.  They act in faith, and trust, and act in cooperation with other teams.
  • The Top Leaders spend money training themselves.  You’ll often see them attend trainings outside their own company trainings, either through personal development or professional development trainings.  A leader who goes after knowledge makes a strong leader.
  • The Top Leaders do not tolerate excuses from themselves or from others.  They have a strong compassion muscle, but will have little tolerance for excuses.  They didn’t get to the top by complaining or making excuses. Therefore, if you identify a leader with a strong focus, this is a good thing.
  • The Top Leaders have a history.  Even Trump declared bankruptcy and so have many other millionaires.  If you find garbage on folks, don’t let that stop you.  What has brought leaders down, have often built them up again.  Baggage or “experience” is a good thing here.
  • When they are down, top leaders often come back on the upswing, its a good stock to invest in, so hang on for the ride!
  • Top Leaders  have what it takes to re-invent themselves and their teams.  If this means creating another strong team, that’s what they’ll do to find the collaboration of like-minded folks.
  • Top Leaders recover quickly from mistakes.  You’ll be hard pressed to find a top leader have a pity party that will last very long.  They do not dwell on negativity, but rather focus on the solution – instead of the problem.

Dr. Ladd McNamara is not only a Leader, but an inspiration to others who have been faced with adversity, and a great example of how to pull up your boot straps, keep going – and no excuses! That’s the stuff Top Leaders are made from.

If you are considering joining a Usana team, a Mannatech team or any other network marketing team, consider your leader first.

Then the real question is this:  How deeply committed are you to become that TOP leader?

Signing off, this has been my observations on Ladd McNamara and thoughts on network marketing leaders!

Paul Tobey