Internet Marketing Toronto

Internet Marketing Toronto

Internet Marketing Toronto

Internet Marketing Toronto Expert ASF Design is a Search Engine optimization Toronto based company that specializes in Internet Marketing.  Training Business Pros is happy to partner with ASF Design Inc in Toronto to offer an Internet Marketing Seminar in Toronto on Search Engine Marketing. 

Russian born President Dmitri Rassadkin is in my opinion the #1 SEO Expert in Canada!  With offices in Toronto and Russia, ASF Design caters to both large corporations and small businesses that have annual sales of 200K and up. 

I met Dmitri 3 years ago when I was looking for an Xcart solution.  I was working for a British based company designing their store and back end operation when I ran into a programming snag.  XCART recommended Dmitri, and I never looked back.  The guy is a genius, period.  I had just begun studying Internet Marketing with some gurus from Texas, and by coincidence discovered Dmitri in Canada.  I leaned on Dmitri’s expertise to get the results I desired, and learned some million dollar tips from the guy! 

When your that talented, their is no way you’d settle for a 9-5 job!  Dmitri started his own company at the age of 20 when he immigrated to Canada.  He’s 30 something now, with this great operation, and seemless integration of a labour force in Canada and in Russia.  What I also like about him is that he attends Professional Development Seminars on a regular basis, is very well travelled, and has a high degree of integrity.

I’m proud to have partnered with ASF Design to launch

If you desire an Internet Marketing Consultant, or wish to plan an internet marketing strategy, or simply would like to attend an internet marketing seminar, visit us at for a listing of internet marketing seminar in Toronto

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