Internet Marketing Seminar, Downloadable MP3

Internet Marketing Seminar, Downloadable MP3

Internet Marketing Seminar, Downloadable MP3

Internet Marketing Seminar now Available as Downloadable MP3!  Internet Marketing Expert Paul Tobey launches new release of Internet Marketing Seminar with companion workbook!  Recorded Live in Toronto on April 7th 2007, Tobey reveals top SEO secrets and introduces tools of the trade used by Internet Marketing Gurus around the world.  You can download now and listen in your car!

Find out why companies all over Canada are offering this seminar fantastic testimonials!

“100% Energy, Passion and Targeted information specifically addressing how to market on the internet.  I am definitely taking the 2-day intensive seminar!” Natalie Onaczyszyn, Marketing Director, Fabra Cadabra

I’m in the business.  I know some of this stuff, but I’ve learned a  lot today and I’ll be taking the course! Thanks! Andy Strote, Context Creative Toronto.

It’s excellent! Lavino B. Uy, Real Estate Broker

Great focused SEminar!  It really puts gas in my car to success! Duane Browne, Sales @ Norbord Inc.

Excellent, informative & useful info.  Thank you for the valuable info.  Your seminar was an eye opening experience! Miguel Ribeiro, Forebase phones & technology.

Paul Tobey is unquestionably the most knowledgeable internet marketing expert I have ever met!  Additionally, his training method is by far the most effective method I’ve ever experienced! You will NOT find a course of this high quality from any other source.  Tony Swierkot, VP Marketing, Centre Mortgage.

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