Instrumental Piano Jazz CD

Instrumental Piano Jazz CD

Instrumental Piano Jazz CD

I love people’s buying habits!  They download my free music to check it out.  If they like what they hear they go to my store to buy something.  But wait! About 30% of the time, my fans will stop and think “I’ll email Paul and ask him which CD I should buy”. 

I love you guys for asking! So, for you perfect piano loving strangers!  Here it goes!

My favorite instrumental piano jazz cd that I have recorded is Street Culture! My second favorite jazz piano album is my solo piano album is Live at the Glenn Gould. 

Now both are currently sold out so you can email me to check the availability of the albums at info (at)

Both are available in the complete Paul Tobey Anthology which is now ON SALE!

My personal favorite piano cd is my Christmas at the Piano and it’s available here ! 

I truly believe my heart is in this Album! You won’t be dissappointed!  Great Christmas albums are hard to find, and the playing from all the guys on this album is really beautiful.  Check it out, it’s called “Christmas at the Piano“.  It’s also the best seller all year round!

Thanks for asking what is my favorite instrumental Piano Jazz CD!  For other questions email info (at)

Musically yours,