Home Staging Toronto

Home Staging Toronto

Home Staging Toronto

In my experience I’ve found that while most people recognize the need for home staging in Toronto, they often lack the creative and promotional knowledge that it takes to stage a home.

Here are 3 really good tips for staging your home for sale…

1. The nose knows: what do think would be someone’s perception of their potential living space if all they is your great dane?

Be smart about it.  Put the dog out, light a candle, open the windows, bake some bread, run the dehumidifier and get one of those wall plugins.

2. Curb appeal: A well presented home in terms of cleanliness and spaciousness goes along way to helping someone to envision and feel about living here.

3. Put away any evidence of family photos, collectibles, religious artifacts and anything that seems like it’s personal in nature.

I really feel that in addition to these 3 things the goal is to help someone see the benefit and feel attracted to the home.  I personally like homes that are very clean and smell great.

And, what I may not have mentioned that you should do your best to shed some light on the situation.  In others words, let the light spill in.  And, if there isn’t any natural light, bring in the 100 watters.  Ample lighting is key.

Honestly, I’ve seen people make complete messes out of staging and I’ve seen homes sell in half an hour. This information while not entirely comprehensive, is really good start.

Let me know if I can help you move forward from here.

This article on Home Staging Toronto was created with the help of Eileen Taylor at the November Marketing and Mastery Course in Toronto.

Paul Tobey

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