FREE Internet Marketing Seminar Toronto Feb 17th 2009

FREE Internet Marketing Seminar Toronto Feb 17th 2009

FREE Internet Marketing Seminar Toronto Feb 17th 2009

FREE Internet Marketing Seminar Toronto Feb 17th 2009

People always ask me, why is your internet marketing seminar training free?  In 2007, a big time marketer was in my internet marketing course.  He was an executive, extremely observant, intense and learning.  He didn’t say a word for two days. 

At the end of the second day he said “You know Paul, if you take all of your budget you spend on newspaper advertising, and focus it on giving free events, your word of mouth will spread like wildfire!  An event will probably cost you less than a full page ad in the Toronto Star, and your customer acquisition will cost less.  You should try it.”

And so I did.  He was right! A full page ad could cost upwards of 30K, and a 1/2 day of my time is about 10K plus setting up the free room and promoting it.  Our word of mouth did spread like wild fire.  A certain portion of those folks we train will tell at least 10 people, and so on.  About 20% of those folks we do train for free will inquire about our 3-Day Training Intensives.  Therefore, we could closely track and monitor our sales from our free day events much more closely then we could track the sales we did generate as a result of an ad campaign.

I may be an expert Internet Marketer, but my trainee has something to teach me.  As a brilliant marketer he did teach me a valuable lesson about word-of-mouth advertising.  And that’s why it’s free.  It’s our way of investing in ourselves, and creating word of mouth.  The idea though, is to give away incredible value in our free 4 hour trainings.  We want to make sure people say “Wow, I can’t believe that was free!”.  And we succeed at that no less than 100% of the time.  That’s our personal goal.

That’s why we go into the marketplace and educate our customers.  An educated customer, makes the BEST customer.  Most people are not willing to admit they have a problem with their website, their web design, much less their public speaking skills.  When they are actively participating in our trainings, they realize, “oh, my website isn’t making money and this is why”, or “why my webmaster would keep me in the dark about Search Engine Optimization is beyond me”, or whatever, they realize that it’s a problem and it’s costing them money.  Once they understand that everyday their leads and sales are going to their competitors, it’s time to take action. 

Now, they have to find a solution.  A solution is to train themselves, or train a member of their team, or go out and hire the right talent.  We give them those skills in 4 short hours.  It’s powerful for them. That’s why they recommend us to their co-workers, collegues, and friends.

We’ve trained over 6000 companies last year, and we keep every single testimonial on file.  We track the feedback, and it tells us how we are doing.  Our approval rating is sky high!

If internet marketing training, or public speaking training is not for you, we are about to launch a pilot program, a series of new trainings which include:

The Perfect Cold Call – by a call centre expert, author and certified trainer!

How to Sell to the Masses – by an ex-Ktel top executive, multi-millionaire and certified trainer!

What Business Owners Can Learn from Air Combat – by a pilot and air combat trainee!

Self-Mastery over Your Money – Building Effortless Wealth! – by debt elimination expert and author

All of these pilot programs will be announced shortly! Stay tuned for your FREE training seminars in Toronto, and take advantage of your pilot programs!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our office by visiting one of our websites at



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