Earn Money Online Without Investment

Earn Money Online Without Investment

Earn Money Online Without Investment

This is the second in our series of online tutorials called “The Google Experiment.”  For the beginning of the series click here: Google Experiment.

Continuing with our online marketing strategy which leverages the power of Google SEO, today we’ll talk about where you would start  your project and what do you need to do to create your goal.

As far as my time goes, I am not counting the time I am spending writing this article for the Google experiment.

I am dedicating only a maximum of 2.5 hours per week.  I want to make it obvious to you that it doesn’t take a log of time to get a significant result, allowing you to earn money online without investment, just time.

I have to carve out  a portion of my day. Personally, 2.5 hours a week is not a big sacrifice for me and I hope it won’t be for you.  If all you  do is spend that time watching television then you are not going to get any result. Get away from the TV and let’s work together and get a result. If you want to earn money online without investment you’ll have to use your time.

I am going to walk you through it with the little time I have. And, I am not including the time writing this blog because I walk everyday anyway.

I am going to start the clock right after this article, and I am going to create something from the scratch, base on where I am at, and get a result: where I want to be.

The first thing I am going to do is  research using Market Samurai, because for me, any good Google strategy includes what we call “traffic” that is sent purposefully from a search engine like Google; free traffic, not paid traffic. You want to show up in Google search results and have people click on and come to your website.

We will calculate our results, as we go along, based on the amount of traffic that we get and the amount of money that we are going to make – either directly or indirectly. I will do my best to share the results with you and you can share your results in the comments area below.

How does Market Samurai work? If you want a complete understanding, I recently wrote a review on Market Samurai. That review shows what it does in detail and I give it the highest possible recommendation.

As in any good Google search engine optimization project or experiment, you should do keyword research, and in my opinion Market Samurai is the best tool on the market to do that. Did I also mention that it is very very inexpensive?

Market Samurai  works by helping you find keyword phrases that people already look for on Google, analyzes how many of them look for keyword phrases that you can think of, and many that you cannot. By accessing Google’s adwords database through the back-end, it finds highly targeted keyword phrases based on a couple of things.

How many people everyday would come to your website if you were number one on Google.com?

It gives you a strategy that says, not only how much traffic there will be if you are number one, but also what is your competition doing to be number one.

Why is that important? Because, somebody is currently number one and we are going to make a new content piece that has value, a new article of value or a new series of articles of value to drive traffic. We need to know who is already on the front page, for that keyword phrase. From there we are going to research, implement, and get a result.

My research will take me approximately 30 minutes. In tomorrow’s blog, or at the end of this one, I will let you now exactly how long it took. Remember, I am only going to use a maximum number of 2.5 hours per week for this experiment.  If you want to earn money online without investment I would say that only 2.5 hours per week is a pretty sweet deal.

Right after this article I am going to start logging my time. I am going to attempt to use 30 minutes, out of my entire day. Today is Monday; it is a perfect day to start. I am going to find 30 minutes today to do research. I may end up doing  more than that, but if I do I will let you know.

I am also going to be my own stopwatch.   I am often asked “how much time does it take to get a result?” As I complete each task I will log the amount of time.

The goal of today’s time, which starts right after this article, is to find one good keyword phrase. One that gets a good amount of searches and also reaches number one on Google.com in 90 days or less.

Let the games begin!

Paul Tobey

P.S. Your ability to earn money online without investment is directly related to the amount of time and energy you spend to create something of value and create interest in it.  I wish you well on your journey.  Read my next blog post which will reveal the results of my Market Samurai research.