How to Manufacture Deep Commitment

How to Manufacture Deep Commitment

How to Manufacture Deep Commitment

Deep CommitmentOne of the biggest problems that I see these days for people that are trying to achieve something big, is that they don’t necessarily have a deep commitment to achieving it.

I’ve always found that if you don’t have deep commitment it’s always good to have a way to manufacture it. And while that may seem difficult to do, it’s not when you understand the formula.

Here’s something I learned from one of the most influential speakers in North America, Brian Klemmer.

The formula is essentially two things, number one; make a promise and number two; put yourself at risk. When it comes to making a promise however don’t make it to yourself, you generally know how that works out.

What I’d like you to do instead is make a promise to someone who’ll be impacted by your failure. These are people who could count on you if you were delivering. A loved one, a colleague, a charity, or a group of people who you’d really love to empower but don’t have the financial wherewithal.

When you make that promise to somebody else you become essentially committed on a much deeper level than if you promise yourself. It activates within you a strong desire to deliver.

Beyond that the most powerful way that I found to manufacture deep commitment is to make a contract with the universe. That contract includes setting a clear goal which is risky, measurable and has a limitation. When you reach that limitation look back and measure your results.

When measuring your results if you come up short you’ve essentially failed. You got at least 4000% further than you would’ve if you’ve never made the contract in the first place but you still failed.

Many of you will not want to do this. Because it seems like trying to motivate yourself through fear. But sometimes fear can be a powerful motivator to get you live up to your promises. The thing that you put yourself or risk for are things that you do not want to do.

For example; you could cut your neighbor’s lawn for a month. You could take your competition out for lunch. You could donate $200 to the political party that you hate. Whatever it is you choose make sure it is something that you do not want to do.

Based on personal experience I can tell you that this system works extremely well. I have many examples in my life of sitting down and making these contracts not only with people who will be impacted by my failure but contracts with the universe. It works. And the only reason it won’t work is your better idea.

For more information about how to manufacture deep commitment and other strategies to create your life by design rather than by default click here for the art of deliberate creation.

Paul Tobey
CEO, Training Business Pros



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