How to Add More Joy to Your Life

How to Add More Joy to Your Life

How to Add More Joy to Your Life

Is there enough joy in your life? In my experience people seem to suffering from a severe lack of happiness. What follows are three ways to add more joy to your life.

Three ways to add Joy quickly:

When we don’t like what we see we Blame either someone or something and sometimes ourselves.

Next we like to justify our blaming allowing ourselves to believe that we we feel this way for a reason.

Next we find ourselves seeking out like minded people so we fell supported in our unhappiness ever heard the old adage Misery  loves company.


When we look at our lives in the reflection of nature such as the tree of life we begin to learn to understand that our happiness is a direct result of our internal dialogue and is less a result of outer reflection or object referral ie something outside of ourselves will make us feel better.

A tree just grows when nurtured.