Tinnitus and the Law of Attraction

Tinnitus and the Law of Attraction

Tinnitus and the Law of Attraction

Just like the law of gravity the law of attraction is a natural law of the universe. Everyone is subject to its law whether they realize it or not. The basic premise of this law is; like attracts like, or what goes around comes around or what you put out you get back. Some people might call it karma.

The law of attraction has been proven to exist through the study of quantum physics. Quantum particles or sub-atomic particles are the smallest building blocks of the universe. Everything in existence is made up of large groups of these sub-atomic particles. They are pure energy. And, science has proven that these particles are actually powered by intelligence and can be altered by thought.

Even though you may not know or realize that the law of attraction exists or how it works you are still subject to its law. That’s the reason why many people keep attracting negative situations, people and circumstances into their lives. It’s because they don’t realize how to use the law of attraction to their advantage.

Therefore, your tinnitus suffering is as a result of the law of attraction. Because you focus on the negative aspects of the tinnitus you actually attract more tinnitus. The vibrational energy of your negative thought patterns actually attracts more of what you don’t want which is the loud ringing and other symptoms of tinnitus like depression and anxiety.

How can you use the law of attraction to your advantage? That’s the million dollar question and for most people would require a complete shift in energy and thought. It is possible, but it will take work on the part of the tinnitus sufferer.

What is required is to first understand that negative thoughts seek out their natural vibrational match such as; more tinnitus, more negative situations and more stress. To change this you must first realize that you are thinking negatively. Once you realize that you do this on a regular basis it becomes easier to monitor your thoughts and begin to change them.

We call this process, flip-switching. Whenever you have a negative thought or feeling you must immediately flip-switch in the moment and change your thought, literally replacing it with a thought that has a higher or more positive vibrational pattern. You must actually reach for the highest thought in the moment. This could be a thought about a happy occurrence in your past or something you’re working towards that you feel good about. For example; picture yourself on a yacht cruising the Greek islands or lying on a beach in St. Lucia.

Then once you reach for that highest thought that allows the negative vibrations of the previous thought to be washed away. When you feel happy you cannot possibly attract negative situations and circumstances. Therefore it stands to reason that the negative though patterns generated by tinnitus can be replaced with positive thought vibrations by seeking out the highest thought in the moment.

Now, I would be the first one to say this is not an easy process. But, with practice you can eventually change your life and your tinnitus.

The mind, for most people, has spent its entire life trying to avoid pain by focusing on what it doesn’t want. The problem is that it the mind focuses on what it doesn’t want it will attract more of the same. Yet, that’s the way most of us grew up, focusing on what we wanted to avoid. That is why many people get sick regularly while others hardly ever get sick. If you’re constantly afraid of getting sick it’s a good bet that’s what will happen.

The law of attraction is your ticket out of the negative symptoms of tinnitus. By understanding that you attract the symptoms of tinnitus by focusing on trying to make them go away, you can begin to change. It will take work, no doubt. But, if you persist in reaching for the highest thought in the moment, you will see amazing results with your tinnitus and your entire life.


Paul Tobey is a professional speaker who has recorded an amazing 2-part seminar entitled “Tinnitus Free Living.”