Tinnitus Cannot Ruin Your Life, Only You Can Do That

Tinnitus Cannot Ruin Your Life, Only You Can Do That

Tinnitus Cannot Ruin Your Life, Only You Can Do That

There’s no denying that Tinnitus is a debilitating physical ailment that can have dire consequences on even the strongest person’s ability to function normally and live a happy productive life. Many of the worst tinnitus sufferers claim that tinnitus has taken everything from them including their sanity.

But, let us examine this statement for a moment. Whether or not the incessant ringing in the ears is difficult to deal with doesn’t make it entirely responsible for ruining lives. In fact if you’ve allowed tinnitus to ruin your life then that’s pretty much your own fault. Sure, tinnitus is a tough thing to deal with that’s one thing but, to allow it to destroy your life is an entirely different matter.

Again, tinnitus cannot ruin your life, only you can do that. Now, I’m not just speaking as an innocent bystander here, I’ve had severe tinnitus since 1999. Did I allow tinnitus to ruin my life? For a while, yes. But, after suffering from severe depression for almost 2 years I realized that tinnitus wasn’t life threatening at all, at least not in the same way that cancer is. My life was being threatened because of my own choices, not because of tinnitus.

Basically, I used tinnitus as an excuse to give up. I said to myself, to my family and to my friends that because of my tinnitus that I had a good reason for doing nothing. I said things like, “my tinnitus is so bad I simply cannot function normally.”

But, do you know the only problem with this kind of thought process? None of it would make my tinnitus or my life any better? And, that’s when I decided to do something about it. I realized that if I could not cure my tinnitus then I would have to cure my life instead. How did I do this? How can you do this?

There is only one way to cure your life situation. Get in the game by focusing on what it is you really want out of life. Unfortunately most people have no idea what it is that they really want so that makes it especially hard. First you have to know what you want in order to take the necessary steps to get it.

How do you find out what it is you really want? Pick a big goal. Pick a goal that’s so extremely outrageous that your mind can’t possibly comprehend it and make that your greatest wish. For example, my goal is to perform at Carnegie Hall. Will I ever play Carnegie Hall? Probably, but who knows, I could get hit by a bus tomorrow and never make it.

But at least I’m trying. And, therein lies to secret to curing tinnitus. Picking a goal and doing everything in your power to achieve it will override your temptation to let tinnitus control your life. If you’re in control of your life and living everyday in pursuit of your dreams, then tinnitus becomes a minor aggravate which only shows up once in a while to remind you of how grateful you should be that you finally stepped up to the plate.

You see, tinnitus is simply a physical ailment that with practice can be controlled by your own thoughts. If your thoughts are of being a happy productive participant in life then tinnitus will not rule your world. If your thoughts are laced with negative, infected, poisonous and depressive tendencies then your tinnitus will rule you until the day you die.

It’s a choice to suffer from tinnitus. Sure, the noise is real. But, your reaction to it is the only thing causing you pain. The emotional pain you inflict upon yourself as a result of tinnitus is far worse than the noise itself, believe me.

So, what can you do first? Figure out what it is you really want then go after it. That’s all you have to do. Before you know it, tinnitus will fade into a distant memory. And, when it shows up unannounced on a quiet night when you’re trying to sleep, be grateful. Tinnitus is just giving you a little push, a little reminder if you will; keep focused on your goals and above all be grateful to be on the new path you’ve chosen.

Paul Tobey is a concert pianist, motivational speaker who discovered a path to healing Tinnitus without medical intervention. His self-help book on reducing Ringing Ears Volume is a popular Ringing in the Ears Download.

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