The Root of Ear Problems in Adults

The Root of Ear Problems in Adults

The Root of Ear Problems in Adults

If you have tinnitus, you probably contracted it in one of three ways; you were exposed to loud noise, you lost or are beginning to lose your hearing, or you simply have no idea what caused it.

I can only assume that the fine print that said “may cause ringing in the ears” on the over-the-counter medication I took for the flu caused my tinnitus. Or did it?

I’ve been observing my own tinnitus for a several years now. My tinnitus first appeared when coincidentally I had a lot of problems that controlled my life. I had money problems, work problems, relationship problems etc. Problems consumed me. I wasn’t conscious of this but in hindsight I can tell you that I lived, breathed, and attracted problems.

However, once I realize this it didn’t take me long to surmise that many other tinnitus sufferers had lots of problems as well.

Here are just some of the problems that I came across from tinnitus patients; bladder problems, teenage love problems, marriage, problems with mental health, problems with reality tv, female health problems, ipod problems, math problems, sex problems, car problems, plumbing problems, marital problems, water heater problems, colon problems, thyroid problems, problem teenagers, child behavior problems, knee problems, stomach problems, sinus problems, foot problems, eye problems, heart problems, bill collector problems, office problems, problem children, phone problems, Wii problems, computer problems, and so on!

Drama, drama, drama!

Get the point? Did you ever notice that the amount of energy you give your problems is directly proportional to how much you suffer from Tinnitus? I know, you will say things like, “But I can’t make my problems go away with the snap of my fingers, what exactly do you want me to do about it?”

I want you to stop giving energy to your drama. Once I stopped focusing on my life’s drama, I actually began to start healing my tinnitus. Life got so much better, so much easier, to the point that I now enjoy life so much. Life seems effortless and I feel like I’m flowing with the current instead of against it.

So you say “okay, I’ll give it a shot. Where do I start?”

You must first examine your immediate circle of influence. Is there dead weight around you? These are people who suck you dry of your positive energy and they are easy to identify. These are the people who constantly complain about everything. Who needs their drama? You have enough of your own!

If you ask them to stop complaining around you and they don’t stop, then you must distance yourself from them. You need all your energy to heal and that means surrounding yourself with people of like energy – quality people that affect you in positive ways. Simply identify and stay away from people who infect you with their negativity.

Once you’ve cleaned up your immediate circle of influence, you need to clean up your own script. Constantly monitor your thoughts for any negative emotion. If you are thinking anything negative you must quickly shift your mind to a positive feeling. Reach for the highest thought in the moment and stay with it for as long as you can.

To help you do this, I suggest you buy a frame that fits 4 or 5 pictures. Find the pictures of the happiest moments in your life such as; how you first felt when your toes touched the warm sand on a family trip, or your baby’s first smile when he/she came out of the womb.

I want you to choose the pictures that remind you of the very best feelings in your life. Find a prominent spot for them in your home and look at it everyday. Make one for your office if you need to. Then, when you need to shift your attention away from negativity, focus on the photos and the positive thoughts that come with it.

The root of tinnitus problems in adults is and has always been how your body is experiencing your problems. It would be naïve to think that all those poisonous problems that turn your negative thoughts into energy are not doing damage to your body. For some people, the drama even turns into toxic poisons that manifests into more deadly illnesses. For that I say, “thank you I only have tinnitus.”

If you suspect your drama is toxic for your body, you need to turn over a new leaf today. Start by cleaning up your immediate circle of influence, and take some action toward surrounding yourself with people that don’t complain or make your life even more toxic.

Then, turn your attention to the things in your life that have brought you great joy. If you don’t have a picture, frame a symbol of that joy. Focus on what you do love, and what you truly desire in your life, and the toxic behavior that fuels your tinnitus will subside.

It happened for me. It can happen for you too.