While we update this entire page, here’s a few things I’d like you to be aware of…

  1. We now do entire “one-day” or “two-day” marketing and business consulting for SME’s.  They have proved very successful in getting the lead generation and Infusionsoft follow-up systems in place before the end of the consulting period.  Very few companies work like this because it takes them forever to get the work done.  Not us. We get it done before you leave.
  2. Whatever your needs in the following areas you can expect us to bring our considerable experience to the table: Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, SEO, Social Media, Lead Capture, Lead Nurture, Sales, Online Sales, Fix Your Sales Funnel, Shopping Carts, Website creation, WordPress, Targeted Keyword Research, Demographic Research, Upselling strategies, Infusionsoft and much more.

Please contact Melodie for an online appointment to discuss your marketing and business systems needs. 416-444-7767.

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