Breaking the Tinnitus Habit – A How To Guide

Breaking the Tinnitus Habit – A How To Guide

Breaking the Tinnitus Habit – A How To Guide

In regards to breaking the tinnitus habit, I recently received an email from a reader who writes…

“I try to keep myself busy and do things that i enjoy but it seems that my mind is always locked onto the sound. Are there any tips you can give me that helps break this habit? I’m at the point where I’m truely trying to accept my tinnitus and sometimes I can and other times I can’t. I know it can’t hurt me, but I fear that I will have to suffer the rest of my life with it.”

In answer to this question, “Are there any tips you can give me that helps break this habit?” I must first say that, most definitely, it is a habit to focus on Tinnitus. In fact, I suspect you’ve gotten so used to focusing on it all the time that it’s a habit that would be incredibly hard to break. But, not impossible!

So, how do you break a bad habit?

There is only one way to do this. Add habit forming positive routines to your day that are equally habit forming. When you do this, your new habits will override your old ones.

This process is much much easier when you are fully aware of your destination. Even though life is not about the destination but about the journey, knowledge of your true destination makes it easier to focus every day on doing something that leads you to that destination. When you do this your mind will turn away from the negative tinnitus and be turned towards doing what it is you really want to do.

What do you want? I’m mean really want? ie: fame, fortune, peace, success, money, companionship etc etc…. Take some time and figure out what it is you really want and then make daily habits that lead you to that destination. Good habits. Because, good habits are just as easily formed as bad ones.

Let’s step away from tinnitus for a second and talk about another easily formed bad habit. “Lack of Exercise” which is a big problem in Western Society. You know it amazes me when I ask people at the gym, “how are you?” or “how’s it going.” Most of the time I get the response, “not bad,” or “I’ll feel better when I’m done” or “I hate the gym and I can’t get out of here fast enough.”

For those people I know that I will see them very very infrequently. Why? Because, you can’t be good at something you hate. It’s impossible. When I first started going to the gym it was hard at first but I made it into a habit. Now, everyone around me knows that from 8:15 am to 10am every Monday, Wed and Friday I’m at the gym. No one questions that. Why? Because it’s a habit and everyone respects that. As a result, it’s something I can count on to give me time away from work, from family and friends to be by myself and doing something good for my body.

That’s how to make anything a habit. Learn to love what it is you don’t necessarily like to do, because it’s good for you! And, it is leading you to the destination of healthy living.

Now, let’s take a look at life. If I have a really big goal it makes it so much easier for me to form habits that chase that goal. What is my goal? To play at Carnegie Hall! Now that’s a big goal. Will I ever get there? Who’s to say, but I believe I will. But, even if I don’t, I’ll get 5,000 percent further than if I never adopted that goal or ever learned anything about actually achieving it. And, it doesn’t matter anyway. Why? Because I’m focused on the goal and forming good habit to meet that goal that takes my mind of the negative stuff like Tinnitus.

What’s the really good news? You tinnitus will actually get better (lower in volume) by not focusing on it. Trust me, I know this works.

One final word. Avoid saying things like, “I fear that I will have to suffer the rest of my life with it.” This is the worst thing that you can do is say something like that. Why? Because you’re focusing on what you don’t want…and you’re just going to get more of it whether you like it or not.

Right now, form a new habit by putting your intention forward and adopting new phrases like…”somewhere someone has been cured from their tinnitus, tomorrow it could be me.” The universe understands what you want and what you don’t want equally. When you weight your statements on the side of what you really want you’re going to get more of it!

I noticed that you downloaded my “6 Top Ways to Reduce the Ringing” eReport. You’re only on chapter 2. Have you adopted the first 2 lessons? Can and will you make them a habit. I promise that if you make them a habit you will heal over time.

Lessons 3 through 6 are also new habits to be formed. You must do them. If you do not take the initiative because of your “fear” then there is little I can do for you. But, I have a feeling that you can and you will adopt these habits. Your sanity depends on it.

Paul Tobey is a professional concert pianist and motivational speaker who cured his Ringing Ears without drugs or medical intervention.