It’s Never Too Late to Rediscover the Musician Inside Of You

Do you recall the day you traded in your guitar for a job at the bank or gave up your piano lessons to become a doctor? Have you been thinking about rediscovering your musical roots as soon as your retirement kicks in? Are you still hoping that some day you’ll get to dust off your […]

How to Get Outstanding Results

If you’re familiar with the work of Tony Robbins you likely love him or you hate him, there’s usually no middle ground with Tony. But, this article is not so about him, as much as it is about getting new results. My wife Nancy and I attended Tony’s 4 Day Seminar “The Power Within” a […]

How to Get the Most Out of Mistakes

Has this ever happened to you? Recently I sent out an email campaign promoting one of my 3-Day Internet Marketing Seminars, and by mistake, I sent over 5,000 emails that started with “Hi Bob.” Aside from the fact that I don’t even know that many Bobs, this huge marketing blunder really doesn’t look at all […]

Let Go and Let it Happen

As I sit here at Newark airport waiting for my connecting flight to Phoenix I have about half an hour to put some thoughts together about creating a tinnitus free life. I want to start by asking you a question. What happens if you can never rid yourself of the ringing? I’m serious. Think about […]

Harmonic Concordance

“Creation began with a tone, and so it shall end as all is about harmonics.” If you have tinnitus, this statement likely peaked your curiosity. Given that a “tone” has also dramatically changed my life, and is probably changing yours right now, you will want to read about Harmonic Concordance. My personal coach, Laurie Rosenfield […]

Financial Crisis = Tinnitus Crisis!

Recently the amount of people who are downloading my tinnitus program has skyrocketed. I’m thinking is has a lot to do with the current global economic situation and political uncertainty. I think people are genuinely stressed about what they read in the papers and see on TV. And since stress is a huge conduit for […]

Are You Feeling Overwhelmed?

Being in a constant state of feeling overwhelmed is not healthy, everyone knows that and that’s why most of us don’t feel like that all the time. But, what happens if you feel it on a regular basis or frequently enough to cause you distress? There are a few simple things that you can do […]

How to Concentrate With Tinnitus

As a person, who in the past has suffered greatly from tinnitus and at the same time living the life of a professional musician, I’m often asked how does that affect my music? It’s not a simple answer. In the beginning I was of course very negatively affected by tinnitus and as a result it […]

Complainers Listen Up!

How soon you create the life that you want is determined by the amount of certainty that you have in achieving whatever it is that you want. Therefore a life without tinnitus can only be achieved, in most cases, by the level of belief that you have that you can live without it. The problem […]

Clarity for Tinnitus Sufferers About TRT

When I woke up with Tinnitus the morning of January 6, 1999, I was in a state of panic. My panic turned to fear when my doctor said he really didn’t know anything about ringing in the ears. He said it could be temporary, but referred me to an audiologist. A painful 2 month wait […]