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Is This the Year You Finally Dedicate Yourself To Improving Your Piano Playing?

“Much like most of you, I was classically trained as a kid, but in those years I always felt like I never really understood music.  I could read music well enough but I didn’t understand the underlying harmony and theory that goes into making music. Then I discovered jazz and everything changed.

When I turned pro in my mid 20’s I continued to hone my piano performance and improvisation skills. Now, after performing in 17 countries, recording 8 albums and composing 1000’s of songs, I felt I needed to help others learn what I had learned.

I want you to know what it feels like to sit at the piano, without the aid of music, and just play.  Play whatever song you hear on the radio or even the one that’s in your head.  And I know that you can’t do that without understanding music from the inside out.  That’s what this course helps you learn; step-by-step guidance on how music is actually built.

Once you learn this system, you will never look back!”

Paul Tobey

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