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What's The Ultimate Team Building
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Team Building Seminar

The key to success in business is the people that run it. And, the key to getting them working at their peak level of performance is to build a better team.

Paul Tobey's team building seminars are not only popular but produce results. There are essentially Three Key Elements that when implemented properly can be the catalist for measurable results and greater company profits within a few short months.

First, your people truly need to learn how to SELL. This is a skill which few people know anything about and even fewer know how to do effectively. Why does everyone in your organization need to know how to sell? Because, that's the number one thing any business needs to do to be successfull...SELL.

Even though you may have a sales staff already, it's important that everyone in your organization understand the concept of selling in order to be supportive to the overall goal which is to make more profits.

Plus, once we teach everyone to sell, it causes a flood of awareness and renewed energy into your team. It puts everyone on the same page and that is truly empowering.

Secondly, your people should really learn How to "TEACH!"

That is truly the key to your success as a team. Because, in order for your team to flourish each member of the team has a responsibility to share information with everyone and they must learn how to do it effectively so that the information sticks.

You see, if your people are keeping their valuable information to themselves, they're trying to gain a competitive edge over their colleagues. You don't want that.

You want everyone to share information freely by teaching each other what they know that's worked for them. Think of it like this; learn more, teach more....SELL more!

Thirdly, the glue that holds the whole organization together is "accountability." Everyone on your team should become responsible for crowning the company, not just themselves.

Accountability is rare in most organizations. When it comes right down to it, this is a personal development skill that will serve them well in their own life and impact the lives of others.

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How To Put Your Team Building Strategy into action!

'Team Building' is the process of motivating and enabling that group of people to reach their goal. Therefore, Team Building is not just an event (though events can play a part), nor is it something that can be 'done' by someone outside the team (though outside consultants like us definitely speeds up the process). It is done within the team structure by each individual working through their newly acquired skills for the benefit of the entire organization.

In its simplest terms, the stages involved in team building are:

  • To clarify the team goals

  • To build ownership and commitment to those goals across the team

  • To identify those issues which inhibit the team from reaching their goals

  • To address those issues, remove the inhibitors and thereby enable the goals to be achieved

The main priorities of our seminars are to build the foundation of collective ownership of team objectives, and then overcome inhibitors through team bonding, facilitation, processes, etc…

To better understand a client’s particular business issues, we provide a questionnaire to the company and/or individuals and then we also interview the company executive and tailor our workshops according to their specific needs.

It can be beneficial to combine team building activities with individual training. That is, the group receives training, but does so as a group. This has the dual benefit of developing the individuals whilst going through the experience collectively.
We select training methods that include:

  • Psychometrics or personality questionnaires (to develop better interpersonal understanding)

  • Business problem solving, or information exchange

  • Group games and exercises (that have learning points)

Our professional development training may also include intensive training in areas such as:

  • Communications

  • Sales

  • Negotiation

  • Training

  • Or many other topics

Did you know that most corporate training is a complete waste of time and money?

Why? Because studies have shown that most participants in training seminars retain only about 4% of the information they learned.

Our team building seminars, on the other hand, are based on the concept of “learning by doing.” We use accelerated learning techniques® to get the absolute maximum results. Our participants will retain on average 85% of the information and will be prepared to implement our strategies starting immediately. You will begin to see results within a very short period of time.

What’s the length of time our company needs for these seminars?

Based on our experience we should be able to get the absolute maximum amount of results with Two Full-Day Intensive Workshops. Do we offer more seminar days than that? Absolutely, but we recommend time in between so that your team can work through the information from the first seminar and then we’ll come back and work with the new goals and pursuits that arise from working the new processes.

"Paul was great! - one fun entertaining and high-energy hour" Wendy Abel, Publisher of "Brilliant" - Canada's Online Magazine for Women Entrepreneurs

"The workshop style was really great. What I got out of it is that I knew very little and I need to learn a lot more! This seminar sets the course for a new business life. Fantastic Job!" Ludwig Stilling & Associates,

Do you still have questions about how Team Building Seminars work?

Why not read a recent article Paul Tobey has written about his experience with Team Building Seminars and his unique approach. This articles have been published on hundreds of prominent business reports and eZines.

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* Please Note: Each of Paul Tobey’s training sessions offers a highly energetic environment where you will learn to develop specific skills you can immediately benefit from and use for the rest of your life. The object of each program is to help business professionals identify their true goals and get results doing what they love! Each training encourages structured networking through entertaining interaction.

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